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AKKESHI Single Malt Peated Seimei

AKKESHI Single Malt Peated Seimei

55%, Single Malt Whisky, Japan / Hokkaido, 70cL, Ref : 61356

Seimei Single Malt Peated which means "clear and bright" is the seventh whiskey in the "24 seasons series" from the Japanese distillery Akkeshi located in northern Japan.
Seimei heralds the start of spring, when flowers bloom, butterflies dance, skies are blue and a cooling breeze blows. The label illustrates this moment, when the swallows, which had spent the winter on the hot islands of Southeast Asia, cross the sea and arrive in Japan.
The single malts that have been released so far are “Kanro”, “Boushu” and “Ritto”. Ritto is a whiskey that has dared to deviate from Akkeshi's line, and has been a huge hit with sherry lovers. This time, “Seimei” is back on the Akkeshi line, and it looks like a perfect example of Akkeshi style. Sweetness and peat coexist wonderfully.
As in Islay, the distillery is located by the sea with the Pacific Ocean a few meters away. Surrounded by marshes, it also has direct access to the local peat. You will appreciate the distinctive sweetness and fruity taste of Akkeshi whisky.

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