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Michter’s reflects a rich heritage dating back to 1753. Located in Pennsylvania, the distillery was renamed Michter’s in 1950. At the time, the entire whiskey industry suffered from a downturn, due in particular to prohibition. In 1989 the owners declared bankruptcy, leaving the name of Michter's, apparently, lost in history ... It was in the 90s, that two businessmen joined forces for the same cause: to pay tribute to what Michter's was once in producing the best American whiskey. They entrust the production to a formidable duo of Master Distillers and they establish the distillery in the heart of Kentucky, the state of predilection for the production of whiskey. Michter's does not seek to reduce costs in its manufacture and invests in each stage of production to produce the best American whiskeys: wood dried in the open and not in the kiln, toasted wood before being burned, cask at 51.5 % (instead of 62.5% in the industry), exclusively in very limited Single Barrel or Small Batch.

In 2023, Michter's is ranked #1 in the Top Trending American Whiskey Brands category of the prestigious Drinks International selection, named by a panel of the top 100 bars and bartenders.

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