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Visuel Isle of harris

Bordered by the Highlands to the east and open to the vastness of the Atlantic to the west, the Isle of Harris distillery in Scotland's remote Outer Hebrides opened its doors in 2015. "Made by and for the people of the Isle of Harris", the distillery's DNA is very strong. A true "Social Distillery", its primary vocation was to give work to the island's inhabitants in order to halt its depopulation. The distillery produces an incredibly fresh, pure and complex gin - Isle Of Harris Gin - which features sugar kelp, a seaweed specific to the island, along with 8 other botanicals. It also offers a whisky - The Hearach - named after the island's inhabitants in Gaelic. Aged in bourbon casks from 3 Kentucky distilleries and oloroso and fino sherry casks from southern Spain, this lightly peated (12-14ppm) single malt pays tribute to its island with its complex aromatic nuances!  

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