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Los Siete Misterios was born in 2010 with the desire to restore the tradition of Mezcal by promoting local trade and small producers, all with a contemporary approach.
Certified 100% Agave, each Mezcal of the Los Siete Misterios range is composed of a single variety of Agave bringing specific and unique flavors to each bottle. In order to have the Mezcal appellation, the alcohol must be produced in one of the 9 certified and controlled regions in Mexico.
30 varieties of Agaves validated by the Mexican government can be used for the elaboration of Mezcal against only one for Tequila (the Blue Agave Webber).
The harvest is done by hand by "El Jimador" for several days and then the Agave is cooked as the tradition wants it to be stewed underground, which gives Mezcal its typical and unique taste. Fermentation takes place for 10 to 15 days in open vats with wild yeasts.
The whole will finally be distilled in a copper still and will give birth to this unique and authentic mezcal respecting in all points the origin of this alcohol revered by the Mexicans, true jewel of their history.

In 2023, Siete Misterios is positioned #1 in the Top Trend Mezcal Brands category of the prestigious Drinks International selection, named by a jury of the top 100 bars and bartenders.

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