Whisky Tasting

The French are the biggest consumers of single malt in the world but, as they’ll tell you themselves, few know how to taste this noble spirit. First of all though, let’s remember that tasting is above all a moment for relaxation, enjoyment and sharing. Even during professional tastings it is impossible not to express enthusiasm or debate the qualities of a whisky.
So that the senses can work most efficiently, it is worth providing them with the best conditions. It is important to ensure that the room in which the tasting is held is set up in the most conducive manner, that suitable glasses are available and that the taster himself or herself is also in an appropriate condition. The human factor must never be forgotten when it comes to tasting.

It is the desire to discover new aromas and balances, and to share these discoveries with friends, that makes tasting interesting.

In this section you’ll find information, concepts and advice that will help you to get the most out of your whisky tastings.
The olfactory and taste palette of Scottish single malts is the fruit of complex chemistry. There is the water, barley, yeasts, peat, size and shape of the stills, cask maturation, climate and the time factor... Find out more
In order to be fully appreciated, tasting whiskies requires a sort of ritual that professionals and the general public can have a tendency to forget. Find out more
Tasting, also known as sensory analysis, calls on four of our five senses. Each stage in this objective analysis makes it possible to unveil the different aspects of a whisky. Find out more
Whisky is no longer a drink reserved for the elite but has become a commonly consumed product. Nonetheless, it is worth distinguishing everyday whiskies from tasting whiskies... Find out more
Whisky tasting is not limited to sensory assessment, the experience can be extended to include a complementary pairing with various sweet or savoury dishes Find out more
Tasting a cigar and a whisky together involves all of the senses and offers a range of opportunities for superb matches between these two giants of the world of luxury sensory experiences. Find out more


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