REMI LANDIER Limited Edition / Heritage

REMI LANDIER Limited Edition / Heritage

45%, Cognacs, France / Poitou-charentes, 70cl, Ref : 5082

445.00 €

The aromatic palette of this old Cognac from the Rémi Landier Fins Bois terroir has aroused many questions. Not about the quality, which is unmistakably remarkable, but because it obstinately refuses to choose in which direction it wants to go, leaving it up to the taster to decide. Interestingly, the flavour palett...See more


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REMI LANDIER is a brand imported and distributed in France by LMDW

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Nose : refined and very fragrant. Which of the flowers (lily, wallflower), fruits (raspberry, prunes), aromatic plants (lime blossom, sage), vanilla and chocolate combinations or spices (coriander, dill) will emerge as the victor? For the moment, none. Thereby demonstrating the remarkable balance of this “Héritage” cognac.

Appearance : topaz with very subtle amber glints.

Palate : quite lively, almost sharp. The attack on the palate evokes liquorice sticks dipped in acacia honey. This sweet and sour relationship is most interesting. The mid-palate offers quince jelly and wild strawberries. Once again, this is a perfect partnership. Little by little, it becomes more vegetal and herbaceous before reverting back to fruity notes (pear, Mirabelle plums).

Overall : long, voluptuous. Velvety tannins take over the palate, before breaking up into a fine dust of precious wood, cinnamon and ginger. A handful of exotic fruits (passion fruit, persimmon, guava) gives it plenty of energy and character. The retro-nasal olfaction is characterised by pipe tobacco, while the empty glass evokes scents of vine blossom



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