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This range of 100% natural sodas was created in 2004 by Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, both of whom felt that the “mixers” category (soda, tonic, ginger ale and lemonade) could benefit from a high-quality range of products. After months of searching, Charles and Tim found a “cinchona ledgeriana” (fever tree) producing the purest quinine in the world. They had to travel right to the heart of a plantation located at the most southerly point in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in order to source the only quinine used by Fever-Tree. The same combination of research, long journeys and chance conversations with “plant hunters” led them to find the other key ingredients for their tonic (coriander, or bitter oranges from Tanzania, for example). Fever-Tree products contain no artificial flavouring, preservatives or sweeteners. Only pure sugar cane juice and spring water are added, making it the perfect drink to mix with quality spirits.

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