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Whisky Magazine & Fine Spirits

Whisky Magazine
The magazine for refined palates and minds

Founded in February 2004, Whisky Magazine & Fine Spirits is the only French magazine dedicated to spirits generally and whisky in particular. A premium publication, it is thoroughly contemporary in prioritising quality over quantity.

Whisky Magazine & Fine Spirits covers all aspects of the world of spirits, from history, producing countries and distilleries to brands, manufacturing techniques, key figures and culture. It’s also packed with tasting notes.

Whisky Magazine & Fine Spirits also takes a closer look at the art of living, offering readers original getaways and gourmet escapades based on delicious combinations of food and spirits.

Whisky Magazine & Fine Spirits is targeted at all whisky lovers and professionals as well as all ‘Refined Minds & Palates’, a category that includes consumers with high standards, oenophiles and gourmets.

Whisky Magazine n°55 + Fine Spirits n°02
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‘Mixology Special’

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