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Benromach opens the doors of its distillery to one of the holders of a "golden luggage tag".

Thank you for purchasing a Benromach whisky. Enter to win a trip to Scotland to visit the Benromach distillery by completing this form and uploading a photo of your luggage tag filled in with your personal details. A draw will be held on 31/01/2024. The lucky winner will be invited, with the person of their choice for a 2-day/1-night stay at the distillery in 2024. >

Founded in 1898, Benromach is one of Scotland's smallest distilleries. Speyside, home to almost half of the country's malt distilleries. The Benromach teams produce single malts in the traditional way, using high-quality quality ingredients, 100% Scottish and always in an artisanal way.

Craft and handmade are values that Benromach has upheld since its creation. At the distillery, each cask is filled, weighed and stamped by hand. For the festive season the distillery has naturally chosen to collaborate with Valérie Defix, a Parisian leather goods to create Firsthand luggage tags. Like an invitation to travel, the owner of one of these labels will have the opportunity to distillery during a trip to the heart of Speyside and learn more about the distillery and its distillery and how it is run.