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The wood makes the whisky.

Gordon & Macphail :
a 120 year-old story

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Allegedly the second oldest independent bottler in Scotland, Gordon & MacPhail was first established as a grocery business in 1895 by James Gordon and John Alexander MacPhail in the heart of the Speyside region.

They originally curated all manner of groceries from around the world such as teas, coffees, wines and whisky. Their appreciation of the rich tapestry of flavours they encountered led the founders to seek out and complement this varied stock with equally fine produce in the form of Speyside’s many and varied single malt Scotch whiskies.

In 1915, young John Urquhart joined the business to serve as an apprentice under the two founding partners. He quickly established himself as a valuable associate for James Gordon in selecting, purchasing, and maturing whiskies from local distilleries. John also assisted with the creation of house blends for the shop’s customers across the Speyside area.

Les univers
de Gordon & Macphail


This flavour-led range is the perfect introduction to G&M products.

As an introduction to Gordon & MacPhail products, Discovery is curated to offer an utterly dependable and consistent choice of our finest single malt whiskies. Each expression sits within the bold flavour profiles of either 'Sherry', 'Smoky', or 'Bourbon', making these single malts the perfect match for the whisky-lover who enjoys exploration through flavour and character.

Distillery Labels

A range celebrating G&M long-standing relationships with Scotland’s distilleries.

The 'Distillery Labels' range is testament to the long-standing and unique relationships built over generations with Scotland's distillery owners.

Gordon & MacPhail has been entrusted with new-make spirit from many of Scotland’s distilleries to mature in their casks, their own way.


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Connoisseurs Choice

Genuine one offs bottled from single casks, they are unique in every way.

The 'Connoisseurs Choice' range was created by whisky visionary, George Urquhart, second generation of the family that still own Gordon & MacPhail. Since 1968, almost 100 distilleries have been featured as part of the range, with over 2,000 individual bottlings, each telling its life story through its label: cask type, bottling date, strength, vintage, and tasting note.

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Private collection

Greatly-aged single malts from celebrated, little-known or closed distilleries.

The 'Private Collection' range encapsulates the very essence of Gordon & MacPhail philosophy to do right by the whisky. It features a truly exceptional and unique collection of greatly-aged single malts from celebrated, little-known and closed distilleries across Scotland.

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L'expertise Gordon & MacPhail :

Oak, Spirit & Time

For over 120 years, Gordon & MacPhail carefully matched spirit with oak. This interaction is the key point in the maturation process that creates complex, balanced and subtle single malts, which will only carry the Gordon & MacPhail name when ready.

Gordon & MacPhail is the only independent bottler entrusted with new-make spirit aged in their own, carefully selected, casks.


The perfect match.

"We know casks from the inside out."


Benromach Distillery


In 1998, the company fulfilled a long held ambition to open and operate theirown distillery, Benromach.