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La distillerie Bruichladdich


The desire to take on new challenges is so strongly ingrained in Master Distiller Jim McEwan and Mark Reynier, the owner and founder of Murray McDavid, that it would take almost an entire chapter to describe all the different experimental bottlings created by the new owners of the Bruichladdich distillery.

Distillerie Bruichladdich

Drawing on their experience as wine sellers, Murray MacDavid’s “enfants terribles” have been buying an increasing number of wine barrels from the best vineyards and châteaux for their cask maturation experiments. In their quest for individuality, they have also set up an on-site bottling plant, an impressive feat that enables them to provide employment for the young “Ileach”, as the residents of Islay are known.

The distillery shop is filled with a beautiful, constantly updated range of clothing. And the “The Malt Academy” draws in students from all walks of life, who come to learn the art of distillation during a one-week course.