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La distillerie Auchentoshan


Nestled between the Old Patrick hills and the city of Glasgow, the Auchentoshan distillery produces the single malt that most represents the Lowlands. Its success has now travelled far beyond the borders of Scotland, and has enabled the upholding of a tradition particular to this region. Auchentoshan is the only Scotch single malt to be distilled three times (a practice that dates back to the 19th century) in a cone-shaped classic pot still. This means it is equipped with an intermediary and thoroughly unique still used between the wash still and the spirit still.

auchentoshan distillerie

Another remarkable fact is that the middle cut is collected at 82.5%, which is 6% higher than most other Scottish distilleries. This results in a single malt that is fast to mature, characterised by exuberant floral aromas (violet, lavender) directly linked to the fermentation (yeasts). Light and citrusy, Auchentoshan is a pre-dinner single malt with character.

auchentoshan distillerie

A model of British industry, the distillery has been awarded the Queen’s Award several times. Remarkably well-cared for, its cleanliness is almost military. Since 1993, its malt can be traced back to exact fields and sowing dates. In 2008, the distillery put the oldest whisky vintage to be bottled in the Lowlands on the market - an Auchentoshan 1957.

Today, the range is comprised of a Classic NAS whisky that has proved a universal hit, the must-try Three Wood, a 12-year-old formerly confined to the duty free aisles and an 18-year-old aged in bourbon casks that fully expresses Auchentoshan’s characteristic notes of lemon and spices. Finally, the range also includes a 21-year-old partially aged in sherry barrels with a more honeyed taste and a rare 50-year-old that deserves the highest of accolades and exemplifies this single malt’s extraordinary ageing potential.