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  1. 17 March 2017


    RISERVA CARLO ALBERTO Salvia & Limone 25%

    Liqueur, Italy / Piemont 70cl Ref: 5351

    Elaborated by the Italian spirit producer Riserva Carlo Alberto, this intriguing vermouth is flavoured with lemon and sage giving a subtle citrusy and herbal twist to the spirit. It is the perfect addition to various cocktails including Gin& tonics and Dry Martinis.


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  2. SYLVAN Gin

    SYLVAN Gin 47%

    Gin, 50cl Ref: 4957

    The Sylvan Gin is produced by Koval Distillery in Chicago. Founded in 2008, the Koval Distillery is the first newly-founded artisanal distillery in Chicago since the mid 1800’s. The pretty floral gin is dry on the palate and overall very much alive.


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  3. SIKKIM Bilberry

    SIKKIM Bilberry 40%

    Gin, 70cl Ref: 4953

    Sikkim Bilberry is a gin distilled with juniper, red tea, flower essences, blackberries, iris, blueberries, coriander, calamus and bitter orange skin. It provides a sweet fruity taste on the palate with the aroma of flowers.


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    ROUNDHOUSE Gin 47%

    Gin, 70cl Ref: 4951

    The Roundhouse gin is produced in Boulder Colorado distillery. This is handcrafted with pure, local, Colorado Rocky Mountain water sourced from the Arapaho Glacier, and hand selected botanicals specifically chosen for their high quality and taste.


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  5. LONDON HILL Dry Gin

    LONDON HILL Dry Gin 43%

    Gin, 1L Ref: 4945

    The London Hill Dry Gin is made at one of England’s foremost gin distilleries dating back from 1785. It is produced using natural botanicals including juniper berries, citrus peels and coriander seeds. Ingredients are macerated with neutral grain alcohol to extract...


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    JOSEPHINE Gin 40%

    Gin, 35cl Ref: 4940

    Elaborated by the prestigious Cognac House Camus, Josephine gin is a sweet and floral gin with a feminine taste and packaging.


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  7. LONGMORN 19 ans 1996

    LONGMORN 19 ans 1996 53%

    Single Malt, Scotland / Speyside 70cl Ref: 51366

    This longmorn has been aged for 19 years in hogshead type barrels before being bottled to complete the cask strength collection from signatory vintage. Dry, it opens to caramel, brown sugar, woody and spicy notes.


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    Warner Edwards is a sophisticated gin elaborated in small batch by a craft distillery located in the village of Harrington, Northamptonshire. This gin of a truly unique character opens to notes of cardamom and nutmeg making it intensely warm and smooth.


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  9. ROUNDHOUSE Imperial Barrel Aged

    This is the barrel aged version of the mainline Roundhouse Gin from the Boulder Colorado distillery. With its golden brown color, Imperial is distilled from neutral-grain spirits in a handmade copper pot from Spain, and then aged in oak casks for at least 6 months.


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  10. FOXDENTON Sloe Gin

    FOXDENTON Sloe Gin 27%

    Gin, 70cl Ref: 4938

    Made from Sloes, sugar and London Dry Gin, Foxdenton Sloe Gin is paler, stronger (27%ABV) and less sweet than the majority of others.


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  11. FOXDENTON Raspberry

    FOXDENTON Raspberry 21,5%

    Gin, 70cl Ref: 4937

    Made the same way as sloe gin this is a mix of raspberries, sugar and London Dry Gin. Probably the sweetest drink Foxdenton produces, the sweetness is really a product of the natural fruit rather than sugar


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  12. 16 March 2017

    Rarity CHICHIBU On The Way

    CHICHIBU On The Way 58,5%

    Single Malt, Japan / Honshu - Saitama 70cl Ref: COL18281

    Matured in mizunara hogshead casks, Chichibu "On the Way" is the first 5 year old whisky of the range. The name “on the way” draws the parallel between its young age and the idea of work in progress which means that the distillery is "On the way” to produce more...


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  13. Rarity CHICHIBU 2013 Peated

    CHICHIBU 2013 Peated 53,5%

    Single Malt, Japan / Honshu - Saitama 70cl Ref: COL18280

    Distilled in 2010, this new 2013 edition is developed from malted barley heavily peated at 59.6 ppm (parts per million). Limited to 6700 bottles, Chichibu The Peated is mainly composed of whiskies aged in Bourbon barrels and a small portion in Port wine casks. Known...


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  14. Rarity CHICHIBU Chibidaru

    CHICHIBU Chibidaru 53,5%

    Single Malt, Japan / Honshu - Saitama 70cl Ref: COL17791

    The floral fragrance coming off the glass perfectly illustrates the iconic Chichibu – An easy, genuine and complex single malt. With years passing by each expression is a contribution to the master distiller Ichiro Akuto’s remarkable work.


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  15. Rarity CHICHIBU Port Pipe

    CHICHIBU Port Pipe 54,5%

    Single Malt, Japan / Honshu - Saitama 70cl Ref: COL17790

    towards unexplored olfactory and aromatic palette.


    Definitely unavailable

  16. Rarity CHICHIBU 2009 Chibidaru Single Cask

    CHICHIBU 2009 Chibidaru Single Cask 61,9%

    Single Malt, Japan / Honshu - Saitama 70cl Ref: COL17098

    Selected in March 2015 at the distillery, this single cask is a beautiful reflection of Chichibu - fruity and woody with floral and spicy notes. This unique profile comes from an aging in Chibidaru quarter casks accelerating chemical interactions between wood and...


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  17. Rarity YAMAZAKI 1993 Single Cask

    YAMAZAKI 1993 Single Cask 57,5%

    Single Malt, Japan / Honshu - Osaka 70cl Ref: COL17053

    From the first notes, we can feel that this Yamazaki has been influenced by Andaloucia. This rare expression will delight sherry aficionados but remain extremely accessisble to all type of drinkers due to its complex, generous and epidermic profile.


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  18. Rarity HAKUSHU Bourbon Barrel

    HAKUSHU Bourbon Barrel 48,2%

    Single Malt, Japan / Honshu - Yamanashi 70cl Ref: COL16340

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  19. Rarity CHICHIBU Newborn Double Matured

    CHICHIBU Newborn Double Matured 61,3%

    Aged Spirit, Japan / Honshu - Saitama 70cl Ref: COL15585

    A young expression from the new Chichibu distillery owned and operated by Ichiro Akuto. This was distilled in the spring of 2008 and matured for a year in bourbon barrels before a four months finishing in new American oak hogsheads.


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  20. 15 March 2017

    New GLENLIVET (The) Nadurra Peated

    GLENLIVET (The) Nadurra Peated 62%

    Single Malt, Scotland / Speyside 70cl Ref: 52247A

    Nàdurra, meaning “natural” in Gaelic, is The Glenlivet’s range of small-batch expressions made using traditional 19th-century techniques. Unlike its two siblings, the Nàdurra Peated Whisky is finished in casks that previously held heavily peated Scotch whisky,...


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  21. New GLENLIVET (The) Nadurra Oloroso

    GLENLIVET (The) Nadurra Oloroso 60,4%

    Single Malt, Scotland / Speyside 70cl Ref: 52246A

    The Nàdurra range uses traditional 19th-century production methods to create inventive and original whiskies. This version is matured in first-fill Oloroso sherry oak casks from the Spanish region of Jerez. The sherry-soaked wood introduces the rich, sultry flavours...


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  22. 14 March 2017

    New BOWMORE Vault Edition 1st Edition

    BOWMORE Vault Edition 1st Edition 51,5%

    Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 70cl Ref: 52897

    Launched in 2016, this is the first release of the Vault Edition series which includes four expressions from Bowmore, each highlighting one characteristic of the distillery's style. Named Atlantic Sea Salt, this expression presents a maritime profile while opening to...


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  23. New TOMATIN Legacy

    TOMATIN Legacy 43%

    Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands 70cl Ref: 52893

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  24. New TOMATIN Cask Strength

    TOMATIN Cask Strength 57,5%

    Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands 70cl Ref: 52892

    The Cask Strength Edition is probably the most vivacious expression of the range, yet still retains Tomatin’s characteristically rich and sweet undertones. Matured in a classic combination of first fill ex-Bourbon and ex-Oloroso Sherry casks, aromas of golden syrup...


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  25. New BOWMORE 9 ans

    BOWMORE 9 ans 40%

    Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 70cl Ref: 52878

    Released in 2016, Bowmore 9 Year Old has been matured full term in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks. The result is a rich whisky with notes of dark chocolate, red fruits and crème caramel, along with the usual Bowmore's distinctive smokiness.


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  26. New THE ANTIQUARY 21 ans

    THE ANTIQUARY 21 ans 43%

    Blended Scotch, Scotland 70cl Ref: 52877

    First blended in 1888, ‘The Antiquary’ is named after a novel by the famous Scottish author sir Walter Scott. Matured in specially selected oak casks for over twenty one years, The Antiquary 21 Year Old is a smooth blend of rare distinction, containing the finest...


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  27. 10 March 2017

    Rarity UITVLUGT 17 years old 1997 Demerara ULR

    UITVLUGT 17 years old 1997 Demerara ULR 59,7%

    Rum, British Guiana 70cl Ref: COL18943

    This rum with a name hard to pronounce is in reality a sweet spirit with a precise and delightful aromatic palatte. A genuine invite to exotic landscape discoveries, this balanced rum offers a remarkably smooth character.


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  28. Rarity MACALLAN 1965

    MACALLAN 1965 43%

    Single Malt, Scotland / Speyside 70cl Ref: COL17173

    Gordon & MacPhail bottles a series of single malt whiskies from one of the world's most famous distilleries - Macallan. Established in 1824 the distillery overlooks some of the finest fishing beats on the River Spey. THis expression has been matured in first fill...


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  29. Rarity DIAMOND 1996 Full Proof Old Demerara

    DIAMOND 1996 Full Proof Old Demerara 63,4%

    Rum, British Guiana 70cl Ref: COL17148

    Diamond 1996 is a tribute to an emblematic figure of the rum industry, Yesu Persaud born at the Diamond plantation. Despite an average angel's share at 75%, this very old Demerara Rum opens to every single elements of its aromatic palette. The result is an eloquent...


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  30. Rarity ALBION 1994 Full Proof Old Demerara

    ALBION 1994 Full Proof Old Demerara 60,4%

    Rum, British Guiana 70cl Ref: COL16187

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