Archive WHISKY DE TABLE 3 years old Blended Malt - 60th Anniversary LMDW

WHISKY DE TABLE 3 years old Blended Malt - 60th Anniversary LMDW

Blended Malt, Scotland, 70cl, Ref: 51719

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To create his ‘Whisky de Table’, John Glaser first travelled to Kentucky to select barrels directly from the Buffalo Trace distillery, bringing them back to Scotland and using them to age new make spirits from four of his favourite distilleries. After just three years of maturation, a series of tests resulted in this blended malt to be enjoyed among friends in the same way one might share a traditional table wine. Slightly smoked, the ‘Whisky de Table’ perfectly embodies the Compass Box philosophy, in that it breaks all the tasting rules. But be warned: behind the accessible appearance of this new masterpiece, designed in celebration of La Maison du Whisky’s 60th anniversary, hides layer after layer of olfactory and gustatory surprises, for each to discover in his or her own way.

Profile: Fresh and refined, the nose is herbaceous and slightly smoky. It fills out with notes of lemon and vanilla. As it opens up, it becomes floral and spicy. The palate is fruity (pear, melon) and oily. Very harmonious, it becomes increasingly heady. The finish is spring-like and fruity (strawberry).

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Sourcing actor, importer and exclusive distributor of a portfolio of international brands, La Maison du Whisky is, since 60 years a reference for whisky and spirit lovers. Thanks to our close relationships with producers and independent bottlers, we have access to limited editions and unique products we bring to market exclusively. Curious and creative, we are driven by our passion for products and our desire to constantly bring our clients the latest expressions through our own shops, our website and selected wine retail shops in France.


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Tasting note

  • Appearance : very pale gold with glints of green.
  • Nose : refreshing, refined. Notes of freshly cut grass and smoke take centre stage in the nose, equally characterised by lemony and vanilla-scented notes. It becomes aniseed and mentholated upon airing. The smoke is left to linger at the bottom of the aromatic palette like a signature. The more it opens up, the more it gains in complexity, becoming floral and spicy.
  • Palate : generous, smooth. The attack on the palate is incredibly refreshing, simultaneously milky (almond), oily (walnut), herbaceous (chlorophyll) and fruity (pear, melon). The mid-palate is spiced (star anise), with a subtle hint of liquorice and chocolate. The overall effect is one of intense cohesiveness. It then gradually becomes headier and warmer.
  • Overall : smooth, well-balanced. This spring-like concoction is evocative of a field of barley gently swaying in a refreshing breeze. Infused with a gentle, malted mellowness, a delicately fruity side emerges (raspberry, strawberry). The retro-nasal olfaction is characterised by notes of undergrowth (moss, lichen). The empty glass pays homage to the malted barley.
The brand


Compass Box is unique in the world of whisky. Founded just over ten years ago, it is a small independent company specialising in the blending of whiskies bought from the main whisky producers. Compass Box has made this its speciality, becoming the master in its fields of blended malts, blended grains and blended whisky, with each category represented in its portfolio. It is also a company with a genuine philosophy, elevating blending to a worthy, noble task, distancing itself from its industrial image and reasserting the value of its craft as a ‘whiskymaker’.

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