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  1. Top sale NIKKA From the Barrel

    NIKKA From the Barrel 51,4%

    Blended Whisky, Japan, 50cl, Ref: 624E

    A must have LMDW

    Produced from a blend of the Miyagikyo and Yoichi single malts and a single grain whisky, NIKKA FROM THE BARREL embodies the expertise of the distillery’s master blenders. Intense, round, and generous, this ambitious, powerful, controlled, high-alcohol blend is...


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  2. Top sale NIKKA Coffey Grain

    NIKKA Coffey Grain 45%

    Single Grain Whisky, Japan / Honshu - Miyagi, 70cl, Ref: 18120E

    A must have LMDW

    After becoming well acquainted with Miyagikyo’s magnificent single grains through their highly sought after single cask releases, in 2011 we advised Nikka to develop a more accessible expression which continued to focus on their grain whiskies. Nine months later...


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  3. Top sale YOICHI Non Age Of

    YOICHI Non Age Of 45%

    Single Malt Whisky, Japan / Hokkaido, 70cl, Ref: 19639E

    A subtle blend of Yoichi malt whiskies of various ages, of which a large portion was matured in ex-sherry casks, the sole representative of Nikka’s historic single malt expresses a delicate balance between smoky, fruity and floral aromas.


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  4. YAMAZAKI Distiller's Reserve

    YAMAZAKI Distiller's Reserve 43%

    Single Malt Whisky, Japan / Honshu - Osaka, 70cl, Ref: 18558

    Quantities limited to two bottles per customer and per transaction. Rich and exuberant, Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve 2014 is part of the latest range of single malts from Suntory. Aged in a mixture of mizunara oak barrels and sherry or Bordeaux wine barrels, it is...


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  5. AKASHI Single Malt

    AKASHI Single Malt 46%

    Single Malt Whisky, Japan / Honshu - Hyogo, 50cl, Ref: 55902

    This Single Malt Japanese whisky is produced by White Oak distillery, in Hyogo, west of Kobe.


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  6. Top sale MIYAGIKYO Non Age Of

    MIYAGIKYO Non Age Of 45%

    Single Malt Whisky, Japan / Honshu - Miyagi, 70cl, Ref: 19638E

    The single malt Miyagikyo bottling represents the perfect expression of the distillery’s delicate character, with an emphasis on ex-sherry casks for maturation to bring added depth to this whisky’s natural charm.


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  7. Top sale THE NIKKA 12 year old Of

    THE NIKKA 12 year old Of 43%

    Blended Whisky, Japan, 70cl, Ref: 19773E

    The first time you taste this new version, its rich and complex character could fool you into thinking that it was in fact a pure malt and not a blended whisky. This is due to the malted barley which represents the majority of the blend, and largely outweighs the corn....


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  8. ICHIRO'S MALT Malt & Grain

    ICHIRO'S MALT Malt & Grain 46,5%

    Blended Whisky, Japan / Honshu - Saitama, 70cl, Ref: 16572A

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