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  1. Top sale NEISSON Profil 105

    NEISSON Profil 105 54,2%

    Rhum Agricole, France / Martinique, 70cl, Ref: 53041

    Profil 105 is made at the small distillery Carbet, which will soon celebrate its 85th anniversary. Elegant and charming, this superbe expression’s age is hard to guess… probably due to its exceptional precision. Whilst most dark rums are traditionally aged in...


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  2. Must have PLANTATION RUM XO 20th Anniversary

    PLANTATION RUM XO 20th Anniversary 40%

    Rum, Barbados, 70cl, Ref: 15814

    A must have LMDW

    This extraordinary vintage was created to celebrate the 20th year of Alexandre Gabriel as Master Blender of Plantation rums. It is a blend of rums aged for between 12 and 20 years, all originating from Barbados. It reflects the very essence of this island. Like the...


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  3. Must have BLACK TOT Finest Caribbean

    BLACK TOT Finest Caribbean 46,2%

    Rum, Carribean, 70cl, Ref: 56677E

    A must have LMDW

    31 July 1970 marked the end of the distribution of daily rum rations, then known as the Black Tot, in the British Navy. Black Tot rum, a tribute to this age-old practice, is a blend of Caribbean rums and captures the fruity flavours of Barbados, the spices of Guyana...


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  4. Must have CLAIRIN Communal

    CLAIRIN Communal 43%

    Clairin, Haiti, 70cl, Ref: 54663

    A must have LMDW

    Produced from Clairins Sajous, Vaval, Casimir and Le Rocher, this version is supported by a backbone of sugarcane and hot cane sugar. The remarkably slender palette of flavours and aromas is revealed with extreme sensitivity and sensuality. Each note, whether fruity,...


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  5. Must have ARHUMATIC Passion - Vanille (Passiflora Edulis)

    ARHUMATIC Passion - Vanille (Passiflora Edulis) 29%

    Punch Au Rhum, France, 70cl, Ref: 56173

    A must have LMDW

    From the passifloraceae family, passion fruit contains small black seeds coated with a translucent and fragrant yellowy orange pulp: the arillus. The passion fruit's exceptional flavour comes from the pulp and seeds, resulting in our range's most renowned maceration....


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  6. Must have PHRAYA Gold

    PHRAYA Gold 40%

    Rum, Thailand, 70cl, Ref: 56701

    A must have LMDW

    PHRAYA sits amongst the finest rums in the world, by using only carefully-selected top quality sugarcane. It is distilled, aged, blended and bottled in the Kingdom of Thailand. Undergoing a deep maturation technique, developed in accordance to the Asian climate,...


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    Rum, Cuba, 70cl, Ref: 52147

    Pacto Navio is a blend of fine aged Cuban rums which have been partly matured in sauterne casks conveying its unique aromatic strength. It is made by the Maestros del Ron Cubano combining passion and unique expertise with the Cuban climate ideal for rum making.


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  8. Top sale FLOR DE CANA 12 ans Legacy Edition

    FLOR DE CANA 12 ans Legacy Edition 40%

    Rum, Nicaragua, 70cl, Ref: 53711A

    A must have LMDW

    A 12-year old, ultra premium rum limited edition. A tribute to international arts and crafts. Original painting by Nicaraguan artist Augusto Silvaa and includes a poetry book consisting of 49 poets representing 38 countries in 16 original languages.


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