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  1. Top sale FAIR Quinoa Vodka

    FAIR Quinoa Vodka 40%

    Vodka De Cereale, France, 70cl, Ref: 1967

    This vodka is the fruit of research carried out by both French distillers and Bolivian farmers. The quinoa used to make it is sourced from the Anapqui cooperative that brings together around 1,200 small farmers. It is a certified organic farming product.


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  2. Top sale MONKEY 47

    MONKEY 47 47%

    Distilled Gin, Germany / Baden-wurtemberg, 50cl, Ref: 1676X

    In 2008, Alexander Stein founded the Black Forest distillery with the intention of producing the best gin the world had ever seen. The latter is comprised of 47 ingredients including cassia, hibiscus, sweet flag, jasmine, bergamot, cranberry, pomelo, verbena,...


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  3. Top sale CHRISTIAN DROUIN Distilled Gin

    CHRISTIAN DROUIN Distilled Gin 42%

    Distilled Gin, France / Normandie, 70cl, Ref: 5686

    This gin is in fact a cider apple eau-de-vie from Normandy in which juniper berries, ginger, vanilla, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals and almonds have been macerated. Remarkably well-balanced, it simultaneously reveals finesse and incredible aromatic precision....


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    Distilled Gin, Ireland / Down County, 70cl, Ref: 5920

    Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin is unique and remarkable as the elusive creature PJ has occasionally glimpsed in the fields, the Drumshanbo Jackalope.


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  5. Top sale CITADELLE Gin

    CITADELLE Gin 44%

    Distilled Gin, France / Poitou-charentes, 70cl, Ref: 1670

    Citadelle gin finally reveals its new unusual profile and a coppery colour that lights up the bottle! The occasion to (re)discover this elegant, refined French gin that is produced using very traditional methods: distillation in flame-fired copper stills and infusion...


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  6. Top sale NO. 3 London Dry Gin

    NO. 3 London Dry Gin 46%

    London Dry Gin, Holland / Hollande-meridionale, 70cl, Ref: 1687

    Berry Bros is located at 3 Saint James Street in London. Its London Dry gin, produced in the Netherlands (not England) in the purest gin tradition, thus bears the same number on the bottle. Its composition notably features Italian juniper, Spanish oranges and, more...


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  7. New POTOCKI Lithuanian Tallgrass - 60th Anniversary LMDW

    POTOCKI Lithuanian Tallgrass - 60th Anniversary LMDW 39%

    Vodka Aromatisee, Poland, 50cl, Ref: 5935

    Alongside its rye vodkas, the Potocki family has been distilling this version known as ‘Lithuanian Tailgrass’ since 1944, macerating the freshly picked grass in order to preserve all of its aromas. Boasting with beautiful vegetal freshness and a remarkable...


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  8. New VIDDA

    VIDDA 43%

    Distilled Gin, Norway, 70cl, Ref: 5933

    Oslo Håndverksdestilleri (OHD) located in Bryn in Oslo, is the first production distillery to open in Norway since 1927. The distillery aim to capture the savoir-fair and traditions of this special country in a profound way, studying plants and locally growing spices....


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  9. GREY GOOSE Stirrers Gift Box

    GREY GOOSE Stirrers Gift Box 40%

    Vodka De Cereale, France, 70cl, Ref: 52353

    Presented in a gift box with 4 stirrers, Grey Goose Originale is famous for the quality of its main ingredient: French produced and specially selected wheat. Internationally renowned for its quality spirits, Grey Goose, was created in 1997 in Cognac region, France. It...


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