Single Pot Still: the art of production

What is Single Pot Still Whiskey ?

Behind the phrase ‘Single Pot Still’ on every bottle in the Redbreast range, lies a technique embedded in Ireland’s unique ancestral traditions. This phrase represents several guarantees during the production of this ‘Irish nectar’:

raw materials

A key raw material: malted and unmalted Irish barley

The Midleton distillery sources its barley from local producers who undertake to select only the finest grain. One of the special characteristics of Single Pot Still is that the distillery uses equal proportions of malted and unmalted barley, in order to focus on fruitiness and lightness.


Triple distillation, a distinctive distillation process

Apart from a few Scottish distilleries, the Irish have been the only whiskey producers to practise the art of triple distillation for more than 200 years. The Midleton distillery, which produces Redbreast, uses ‘giant’ pot stills to obtain a whiskey with very pronounced fruit aromas and an incomparable sweetness.


Unique provenance, like Single Malt whiskies

To echo its Scottish neighbour’s ‘single malt’, in 2011, at the initiative of the Midleton distillery, the ‘Single Pot Still’ description was adopted to indicate that a whiskey is produced by a single distillery.

Discover the Single Pot Still Whiskey range

Today, Midleton is recognized for its expertise in distillation, maturation and blending, and produces numerous Single Pot Stills, including Redbreast, Green Spot, Midleton and Powers.


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