The Midleton distillery

Founded in 1825 by the Murphy brothers in the county of Cork in the Republic of Ireland, the Midleton distillery produces a whiskey faithful to Irish traditions and expertise. One has to go back in history to understand the extent to which Midleton was a determining factor in the current profile of Irish whiskey.


1825: Creation of the distillery.

The Murphy brothers, James, Daniel and Jeremiah, opened their first distillery, Old Midleton, half way between Cork and Youghal.


1912: The birth of Redbreast whiskey.

The first bottles of ‘Redbreast’ were sold by Gilbeys and contained an ‘Irish single malt’ produced by Jameson & Sons.


1966: The Irish whiskey renaissance

At this time, there were only three surviving distilleries in the Republic of Ireland (John Jameson & Son and John Power & Son in Dublin, and the Cork Distillery Company in Cork). In that year they merged and created the United Distillers of Ireland group which, seven years later, became Irish Distillers Ltd.

the present day

1975: Midleton becomes the future.

Irish Distillers Ltd decided to close its poorly located distilleries in Dublin and open a new one on the Midleton site. Midleton was equipped with three column stills and four pot stills.

Discover Redbreast whiskey: pure Irish nectar.

Travel to Ireland and visit the Midleton distillery, with this video of the history and creation of this famous Irish Whiskey.


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