Archive PORT ELLEN 35 YEAR OLD 14th Release

PORT ELLEN 35 YEAR OLD 14th Release 56,5%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 19140

A glorious, great lady, magnificent in every respect, whose elegance and assurance are the result of long experience. An unexpected Port Ellen, marked by warm, spicy notes of ginger, which add to its smooth and traditionally smoky character: captivating at cask strength, but when diluted it reveals a delicious smoothness on the nose, and richness and depth on the palate.

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : Shiny dark gold, with amber tinges. Delicate pearliness.
  • Nose : Elegant, refined and discrete; dry for the most part, opening on a subtle, distant waft of smoke followed by a wave of smooth, familiar smoky notes, in which only a dash of hessian and warm woodiness betrays its great age. The discreet smoky notes intensify and become more perfumed, while pleasantly smooth aromas of honey-smoked meat or tubers waft above. Refreshing and purifying notes of sweet mint and sharp citrus fruit cut through the smoulder. Slightly vinous. A silky note of dark cocoa, a touch of vanilla and more woody smoke at the end. After tempering, a smooth attack, which then softens deliciously before finishing on a bright but gentle fruity aroma.
  • Palate : Immediate and lively! A rich honeyed attack, the softness is perfectly offset by the sea salt, which gives it a sort of sweet seaweed flavour. Unexpected notes of citrus fruit and zingy ginger like lime and ginger marmalade on wholemeal toast. This sunshine is however darkened by rings of soft smoke that rise over a velvety dark chocolate base. A rich character which remains mostly unchanged after tempering: still warm; the citrus fruit develops into notes of essential oil of orange, accompanied by ginger and a more discreet note of smoke.
  • Overall : Very long and warm: crisp notes of ginger and citrus fruit, fresh, clean notes of menthol with undertones of smoky oak.
The brand

The brand

Built in 1824 in the south of the Isle of Islay, Port Ellen was the site of numerous technological experiments that revolutionised the whisky industry in the 20th century. Closed between 1930 and 1969, it opened a malting centre on its site in 1973 tasked with supplying all the distilleries on the island with smoky malted barley. Again closed in 1983, Port Ellen lost its production licence in 1992 and, with it, all hope of ever producing whisky again. At the beginning of the millennium, the majority of its buildings were knocked down, leaving only the pagodas and warehouses. Though the end of the 90s and the beginning of the millennium were a prosperous time for single cask, cask strength versions from independent bottlers, this very iodine and smoky malt has become increasingly rare over the last five years.

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