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POLUGAR N.3 - Caraway

Vodka, Poland / Lodz, 50cl, Ref: 4439

Based on a traditional recipe used to make the vodkas enjoyed by the 19th century Russian nobility, Polugar No.3 is made from a rye distillate to which caraway and coriander are added just before the third distillation, lending it a familiar flavour of much-loved Borodinsky bread.

Goes beautifully with sauerkraut, spiced, lightly salted fish, herb-seasoned salmon, Atlantic salmon, smoked fish, marinated herring, as well as duck and Borodinsky, Riga and Darnitsky breads or black bread spread with butter or lard. It can also accompany a port-moistened cigar. Excellent as an aperitif or after-dinner liqueur. Profile: Rich. Coriander, dried spices, wild flowers. Buttery notes.

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The brand

Having discovered a recipe in a 19th century text, Boris Rodionov, a vodka expert, academic and writer, has endeavoured since 2010 to reintroduce ‘Polugar’, a forgotten category of vodka. Deeply rooted in Russian culture, this traditional vodka was distilled domestically and consumed by moujiks (serfs) all over the country; produced by a single distillation in a copper still, it disappeared when the Russian Empire introduced a monopoly on vodka production in 1895. Boris Rodionov and his son Alexey have created a modern version of this rye-based spirit, also known as ‘bread wine’, using authentic production methods and traditional recipes.

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