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Penderyn 2007 First Fill Bourbon 58,6%

Single Malt Whisky, Wales / Southern Wales, 70cl, Ref: 56653

Quantity limited to 2 bottle(s) by client.

Located on the outskirts of the Brecon Beacons natural park and at the foot of a freshwater spring, Penderyn has always been equipped with an experimental still developed by David Faraday. Today, the still room also has a second Faraday still (2013) and two traditional pot stills (2014). There are simply no words strong enough to describe the emotion aroused by the first moments of tasting this truly magnificent bottling. Enchanting, exuberant, generous and incredibly pure, it is an invitation to meditation. The taster’s imagination is given free reign, allowing them to collection abundant fruits from an extraordinary experience of flavours and aromas.

the expressive initial nose is at once lush (green barley), milky (coconut), exotic (passion fruit, pineapple) and chocolatey. It then develops a more mentholated and herbaceous (white mint) register. The heady attack is also exotic and malty. Citrus fruits bring lots of energy to the mid-palate. The assertive finish is delicately liquorice and fruity (pear). The end of the palate is medicinal (ointment) and spicy (cardamom).
Wales – Single malt – 60%, 70 cl
Single Cask no. 71 – Bourbon Cask
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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : bright gold.
  • Nose : refined, very expressive. In the heart of a luscious (green barley), milky (coconut) and vanilla landscape, the first nose reveals profuse and sumptuous exotic notes (passion fruit, pineapple, banana, lichee) of bergamot and white chocolate. This impressive icebreaker is then echoed in the development of an increasingly herbaceous register (white mint, sage, verbena). In reality, the aromatic palette is a succession of hugely fresh and particularly sunny sequences.
  • Palate : clean, heady. The attack reproduces the notes from the nose to the T. Malted barley acts as a backbone upon which exotic fruits and aromatic plants are delicately hung. Citrus fruits (orange, lemon) then bring lots of energy to the mid-palate. Later, the end of the palate reveals very beautiful velvety tannins, a mouth-watering salinity and dried fruit (praline, fresh walnut).
  • Overall : long, assertive. Just as exotic (passion fruit, pineapple), the start of the finish coats the taste buds in a thin layer of green liquorice, before fresh fruits (pear, apple) bring lasting freshness to the air. A gentle medicinal touch accompanies this very juicy highlight. On the retro-nasal olfaction, noble spices (cardamom, clove, star anise) make their energetic entrance. The empty glass is undeniably medicinal (ointment, mustard poultice).
The brand

The brand

Produced using a single copper pot still with a special column above the still that removes any undesirable elements, the Penderyn distillate is collected at 92%, a purity that plays an important role during maturation. The result is a whisky with a subtle mix of tradition and modernity. Penderyn’s single malts are predominately matured in casks that have previously contained Evan Williams bourbon, a nod to the ancient family of Welsh distillers that founded one of the first American distilleries. Penderyn is also lucky enough to benefit from the services of Jim Swan, an extremely famous distiller and a genuine expert in the art of maturation.

The distillery

Penderyn est un mélange subtil de tradition et de modernité, il se chuchote qu’il serait même le « uisgy » le plus doux au monde. En distillant pour la première fois en 2000, cette distillerie construite à proximité du Parc National de Brecon Beacons, renouait avec l’ancienne tradition du whisky gallois. Fait unique dans l’industrie du whisky : la distillerie possède une paire d’alambics Faraday, du nom de leur créateur. Cet alambic en cuivre à repasse est surmonté d’une colonne de distillation lui permettant de récolter un distillat des plus purs, à 92%. Distillerie innovante, Penderyn est également reconnue pour le vieillissement exceptionnel de ses malts, au sein d’anciens fûts de vin de madère. Une distillerie qui place la qualité des produits au centre de ses préoccupations en s’offrant depuis son ouverture les services du célèbre master distiller Jim Swan. 

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