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NORTH BRITISH 48 ans 1963

Single Grain, Scotland, 70cl, Ref: 17218

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : topaze.
  • Nose : ferme, puissant. Il propose dans un premier temps du chocolat et de la vanille avant de laisser s’exprimer son tempérament épicé (curry, cardamome, anis). Les céréales cuites et l’orge maltée assurent ensuite une transition pleine de douceur. Il devient au fur et à mesure exotique (banane, ananas) et pâtissier (crème brûlée).
  • Palate : toute aussi dynamique, elle révèle une touche originale d’oxydation faite de légumes verts (concombre, petits pois, haricots). Très épicé (badiane, gingembre, girofle, muscade), le milieu de bouche monte en puissance pour laisser éclater au grand jour son registre fruité (abricot, reine-claude, mirabelle).
  • Overall : longue, tendue. Sa dimension florale se met progressivement en place. Des jonquilles, des jacinthes, des lys et du chèvrefeuille diffusent leurs parfums capiteux. Puis, les céréales reprennent leur droit de cité et proposent toutes sortes de desserts : tarte à l’abricot, cake au pruneau, Christmas pudding. Le verre vide est miellé et pimenté (espelette).
The brand

The brand

The North British grain distillery was founded in 1885 by three important names in the world of blended scotch at the time: Andrew Usher, William Sanderson and John M Crabbie. The aim was to join forces in order to compete against DCL, a structure created in 1877 that brought together a huge number of distilleries, whose production it controlled. The mission for North British was to supply all of the grain whisky required for the growth of various blends, such as Usher’s Whisky and Vat 69. The distillery remained independent until 1993 when it joined the Diageo group.


Although the independent bottler Signatory Vintage cannot claim to be one of the oldest in Scotland, it has managed to build up an extremely solid reputation amongst the great malt connoisseurs. The creator of the famous range The Prestonfield and many other well-known ranges, it is best known for its un-chillfiltered and cask strength bottlings that offer amateurs the chance to enjoy their whisky in its most natural form. It was also one of the first independent bottlers to acquire a distillery and now offers a growing number of expressions of one of the most artisan single malts available.

The line

The Cask Strength Collection of single malt and single grain whiskies is without doubt one of the most appreciated ranges. Each release is bottled undiluted, unchillfiltered and usually consists of a single cask. To help the consumer appreciate their whisky at more than a purely aromatic and gustatory level, Signatory Vintage takes care to display on each label, with great precision, the region of production, the date of distillation and bottling, the type of cask used, its number and the number of bottles of the same nectar that were produced. This range thus offers some fascinating facts, in addition to exceptional quality!

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