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KUHEIJI 55 Junmai Ginjo

Nihon-shu Sake, Japan / Honshu - Aichi, 180cl, Ref: 4244

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The brand

The brand

Banjo Jozo has been a brewery for more than 300 years, but only became famous about 20 years ago with the creation of the Kamoshibito Kuheiji brand. Brewed without added alcohol and bottled without dilution, these nihonshu sakes are all in the junmai-ginjo or junmai-dai-ginjo class. With a higher-than-average acidity level and high level of minerality, and extremely rich, they are a perfect accompaniment for Western cuisine, which uses more oil and butter than Japanese cuisine. Brewed as naturally as possible, they are also very resilient: once a bottle has been opened it can easily be stored in the fridge for up to two months. To facilitate communication with sake enthusiasts, the various sakés are sold under the ‘Kuheiji’ brand: there is currently a small range of a junmai ginjo (Kuheiji 55), and two junmai dai-ginjo (Kuheiji 50 and Kuheiji 35).

The distillery

Founded in 1647, the Banjo Jozo brewery underwent a full renovation 20 years ago. Disappointed by the state of nihonshu production at the time, Kuno Kuheiji created the Kuheiji brand, limiting himself to the production of junmai in the ginjo category or above. In order to guarantee the quality of his products, and to demonstrate the degree to which the making of good nihonshu depends in the quality of the ingredients, he continued his studies of different varieties of yeast, koji and rice. Kuno-san was convinced that only the oldest varieties, and thus the most stable and most natural, would guarantee a high quality, natural and stable product. These are rich, complex products with tremendous character that are sure to please fans of natural wines. The Artisan brand, produced by Banjo Jozo, was created especially for LMDW.

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