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KAVALAN Sherry Single Cask - 60 ans LMDW

Single Malt, Taiwan / Yilan County, 70cl, Ref: 51357

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Whether it’s on the initial nose, at the end of the palate or enveloped in floral scents on the finish, red and black fruits form the undeniable guiding theme for the aromas and flavours of this Kavalan aged in Sherry casks. At the same time, other drier fruits, aromatic plants, noble spices, vanilla and roasted notes take turns to leave their mark on this malt and contribute to its impressive personality and maturity.

Profile: full-bodied, ethereal, the nose is floral, fruity (strawberry, blackberry) and herbal (sage). Notes of currants and dried fig. The palate is warm without going over the top. Black grapes release their sweet juices. Becomes increasingly fruity (blackcurrant, blueberry, strawberry). The finish is floral (roses) and spicy.

Single Cask no. 5081215025 – Sherry Cask
Limited edition of 510 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : mahogany with intense golden tinges.
  • Nose : full-bodied, subtle. The particularly ethereal and floral (lily, tuberose) initial nose immediately reveals red and black fruits (raspberry, strawberry, cherry, blackberry) inherent to a sherry cask maturation. It then develops into a more herbaceous and lavish register (rhubarb, sage). Its remarkable finesse and perfect balance are in themselves moments of pure pleasure. Later, dried figs, currants, candied apricots and toasted walnuts appear.
  • Palate : powerful, warm without excess. The tasting becomes even more interesting on the palate. Black grapes release their sweet juices. The winy character of its attack permeates the mid-palate. Gradually, some heady florals (rose, peony) and sweet spices (cinnamon, liquorice) appear to accompany the transition to even more fruit. Next, strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and blueberries flood the palate.
  • Overall : long, velvety. Underscored by remarkably fresh wood, flowers with intoxicating scents (rose, lilac) elegantly envelop the red and black fruits found at the end of the palate. Allowed to breathe, the finish becomes increasingly rich (gingerbread). The retro-nasal olfaction bursts with dried fruit (raisin, walnut, almond, pistachio) and the empty glass is filled with liquorice, vanilla and roasted notes (pipe tobacco).
The brand

The brand

The Kavalan distillery is named after an ancient tribe that used to the live in the region, in the north-west part of the island of Taiwan. Founded by the King Car Group, Kavalan did not hesitate to call on the services of the best experts in the industry, declaring their intention from the outset to make a whisky of exceptional quality. It was thus with the help of Jim Swann that the distillery produced the first drops of its new-make on 11 March 2006 and brought its first whisky to the market in December 2008. By selecting the best barrels, Kavalan managed to produce a range of single casks (sherry, bourbon and port) in 2009, only three years after it began production, and has already won numerous medals at a variety of international competitions.

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