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KAVALAN Vinho Single Cask - 60th Anniversary LMDW

Single Malt, Taiwan / Yilan County, 70cl, Ref: 51358

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When you first taste this single malt, you immediately understand why another Kavalan Vinho Barrique was voted the world’s best whisky in 2015. Everything is impressive here, from its deep amber hue and aromatic palette marked by a heightened fruitiness, to its intensely floral palate that gradually becomes increasingly winey, and a mouth-wateringly juicy finish, with a perfectly integrated, lingering woodiness. Exceptional.

Profile: full-bodied, the nose reveals vanilla pods and coffee beans. It then evokes a fortified wine; notes of roasted fig and mango. Extremely vinous, the palate becomes grapey. Exotic (kiwi), the mouthfeel is remarkably velvety. The finish is chocolatey and spicy.

Single Cask no. W120309026A
Limited edition of 240 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : mahogany with glints of green.
  • Nose : generous, powerful. Particularly floral (lily, honeysuckle), the initial nose also has a jammy side (rhubarb, damson). Next, notes of crème brûlée and liquorice come to accompany the earthy, burnt sienna hues of the colour palette. Then new fruit such as gooseberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and currants evolve. The dark tones of the aromatic palette in fact conceal a bright, sunny temperament.
  • Palate : lively, airy. Balsamic notes lend great vitality and freshness to the attack. A reiteration of the floral nature of the nose with the addition of peony and purple lilac, the mid-palate becomes increasingly winey. Currants flood the palate again, served up with fresh figs and dates.
  • Overall : long, delicious. Striking the perfect balance with the preceding palate, the finish emerges as very winey. But the grapes here are black, perfectly ripe and instilled with a revitalising acidity. Astoundingly long, it lingers on with roasted notes. The retronasal olfaction showcases the high quality of a particularly mellow woodiness, while the empty glass is chocolatey, liquoricey and spicy (cinnamon, ginger).
The brand

The brand

The Kavalan distillery is named after an ancient tribe that used to the live in the region, in the north-west part of the island of Taiwan. Founded by the King Car Group, Kavalan did not hesitate to call on the services of the best experts in the industry, declaring their intention from the outset to make a whisky of exceptional quality. It was thus with the help of Jim Swann that the distillery produced the first drops of its new-make on 11 March 2006 and brought its first whisky to the market in December 2008. By selecting the best barrels, Kavalan managed to produce a range of single casks (sherry, bourbon and port) in 2009, only three years after it began production, and has already won numerous medals at a variety of international competitions.

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Avis sur KAVALAN Vinho Single Cask - 60th Anniversary LMDW

    • Review by L. Schoen
      (Posted on 13/04/2017)
    • An amazing all around Vinho Selected by LMDW for the 60th Anniversary!

      Kavalan Vinho Single Cask
      LMDW 60th Anniversary Cask Strength
      Cask no.: W120309029A
      (bottled 2016.08.09 - 13:18 p.m.)
      Bottle no.: 190/242
      Color: DARK, DARK Mahogany wood color, nearly black, this is the darkest Kavalan (not only Vinho) that I have seen, I have compared it to all the Kavalan Sherry including the S06 as well as the Dark Peaty and it is still darker.
      Nose: A lot of smooth vanilla with figs, grapes and mango. Hints of coffee and dried fruits. The more it sits there seems to be a little more spice and woods showing through but they are quickly covered with more sweet fruit.
      Palate: Thick, almost syrupy figs and fruits. A lot of grape wine taste and coats your mouth beautifully with some nutty butterscoth. More mango and fruits jump out and a vanilla cinnamon kick that is smooth, thick, fruity and velvety. Love it!
      Finish: A perfect smooth, spicy, chocolaty finish that coats and lasts. for 57.1% there is no alcohol burn at all, but the taste stays with you quite a while. More and more nutty, buttery butterscotch comes through with bananas a little spice and cinnamon ended with a thick dark chocolate long lasting on the palate.
      Overall: A thing of perfection, from the amazingly dark color, smells and complexity that leaves a lasting taste in your mouth and no burn yet a 57.1%. This is going to be a really tough Vinho to beat. With each dram it seems to get better and better. I usually do not even talk about the color of a whisky, but this one just jumps at you, almost black in color. LMDW definitely chose a great cask with only 242 bottles. WOW!

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