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Rum, France / Guadeloupe, 25cl, Ref: 15804

These glass tasting tubes are a great way of appreciating the incredibly rich aromatic range of the rhum agricoles produced by Karukera, as well as the various different styles: white, matured and vintage.

Each glass tube is hermetically sealed and contains the ideal tasting quantity (4cl). The wide opening allows you to ‘nose’ each rum sampler. This box set contains 5 x 4cl tubes of: - Karukera Rhum Blanc - Canne Bleue - Karukera Rhum Vieux - Karukera Réserve Spéciale - Karukera 1999 Rhum Vieux - Karukera 1997

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However, according to research of our experts, some rare bottlings may one day be back in stock.

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The brand

The brand

Karukera rums benefit from long a history of ancestral expertise, as they are produced at the Esperance distillery, the oldest distillery in Guadeloupe, located in the heart of the Domaine du Marquisat de Sainte-Marie. Produced using a single variety of cane sugar, “blue cane”, that comes exclusively from 70 hectares of plantations in the domain, Karukera agricultural rums stand out for their fresh cane and citrus fruit aromas that are typical of this variety of cane. These subtle aromas are able to develop fully thanks to the unique climate of the Caribbean.

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WITs (Whisky in Tube) offer an opportunity to explore the incredibly rich aromatic range of whiskies and spirits from all over the world, and the diversity of styles that exist within each category.

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