Archive GLENROTHES 1995 Over 20 Years Sherry 8th Edition ARTIST S.V

GLENROTHES 1995 Over 20 Years Sherry 8th Edition ARTIST S.V 52,8%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Speyside, 70cl, Ref: 55189

Located in the town of Rothes, the Glenrothes distillery was founded in 1878 but did not begin production until December 1879. In 1897, it was destroyed in a fire and in 1903 an explosion caused significant damage. Today this distillery is equipped with ten stills and its single malt is used in famous blends such as Cutty Sark and The Famous Grouse. Powerful and delicate, this version reveals a very balanced expression of citrus fruit, dark chocolate, noble spice and heady floral flavours and aromas.

Profile: the ample initial nose is characterized by magnificent notes of bitter orange and dark chocolate. Allowed to breathe, it develops notes of red and black fruits (strawberry, bramble) and spices (cardamom). The distinguished attack is seeped in salted butter caramel and exotic fruit (mango, persimmon). Little by little, it moves closer to malted barley. The well-balanced finish is heady (purple lilac). Its delicate texture brings out notes of toast, beeswax and cocoa. Single Cask no. 909700 – Sherry Butt.

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Sourcing actor, importer and exclusive distributor of a portfolio of international brands, La Maison du Whisky is, since 60 years a reference for whisky and spirit lovers. Thanks to our close relationships with producers and independent bottlers, we have access to limited editions and unique products we bring to market exclusively. Curious and creative, we are driven by our passion for products and our desire to constantly bring our clients the latest expressions through our own shops, our website and selected wine retail shops in France.


Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : orangey copper with glints of green.
  • Nose : fine, full-bodied. On the initial nose, magnificent notes of bitter orange are enveloped in dark chocolate. This splendidly classic start is also composed of red and black fruits (bramble, strawberry) and noble spices (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon). Allowed to breathe, it develops precious wood (beeswax), vanilla and leather notes. Dried fruit (date, fig) then bring even more complexity to the aromatic palette.
  • Palate : lively, distinguished. On the attack, oranges release their sweet and tangy juices. Very taut, it then reveals notes of salted butter caramel, exotic fruit (guava, persimmon) and crème brûlée. Unveiling gianduja, the mid-palate is also a close reflection of the malted barley. At the end of the palate, strawberry and bramble create a particularly delicious and full-bodied about-turn of flavours.
  • Overall : long, balanced. A change of scene. Heady florals (iris, lilac, pale lilac, purple lilac, peony) appear, filling the air with their perfumes in a finish that also stands out for its delicate texture. On the retronasal olfaction, chocolate and salted butter caramel accompany notes of toast and aromatic plants (chervil, bay leaf). The original empty glass focuses on wood that has been reduced to powder, allowing cocoa bean and very ripe banana to take their places.
The brand

The brand

Up until the 1990s, only a 12 year old bottling was available on the market. But in 1994 a new bottle was introduced with a round and full shape, proudly harbouring within a 1979 vintage. This vintage expression pays testament to the vision of Berry Bros & Rudd, a company known for the quality of its cask selection, a process over which it takes particular care. This bold action brought into question the very concept of age, behind which the majority of single malts hide, and questioned consumers’ perception of the link between a whisky’s age and its aromatic maturity. However, although the year of distillation is important, it is the choice of casks (mostly Spanish wood) that has the biggest influence on the aromatic profile of its “vintage” years, each one with a different balance of spice, citrus and oak.



Artist, Lands of Scotland, Malt Pedigree, Tartan, The Ten, Very Cloudy... all of these whisky ranges – composed of single malts and single grains – have one thing in common: they were all created by the team at La Maison du Whisky. They are the fruits of many decades of close collaboration with some of the most prestigious bottlers in Scotland. For some years the French importer and exclusive distributor of the classic ranges of well-known spirits producers, La Maison du Whisky was soon granted the very rare privilege of being able to complement these ranges with their own, bringing together two sets of expertise, two reputations and two complementary histories under one, single label.


The line

Baptised ‘Artist’, this new range makes no bones about proclaiming its identity. Cosmopolitan and contemporary, it draws its inspiration from the style that gave the Italian bottlings of the 60s and 70s their cult following. From the choice of whiskies (distillery, ageing process, age, strength, bottling procedure) to the design of the bottle and choice of label, every detail has been carefully considered. This range offers a fine presentation of both the whiskies and the artist whose works have been selected for the back labels.

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