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DOMAINE DES HAUTES GLACES Tekton Single Cask - 60 ans LMDW

Single Malt, France / Rhone-alpes, 70cl, Ref: 51741

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Entirely aged for four years in a cask that previously contained a white wine from the Saint Joseph appellation, this bottling is a perfect illustration of the high-quality work carried out at the Domaine des Hautes-Glaces since its creation in 2010. It is the result of careful planning and thought, with nothing left to chance. Thanks to this, this particularly generous and voluble malt has a rare freedom of expression reminiscent of the aromas of an old marc or grappa.

Profile: the initial nose is very grape-like and vinous. Balsamic, it becomes floral and resinous. Notes of spices develop as it breathes. The palate is first malty, and then characterised by pastries. Notes of prune cake. The finish is fruity, honeyed and mildly spicy (cardamom).

Single Cask no. 33 – Saint Joseph white wine
Limited edition of 270 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : deep burnished gold.
  • Nose : clear, direct. Strongly expressing the Roussanne and Marsanne grape varieties used in St Joseph wines, the initial nose is particularly influenced by the aromas of the wine. Its balsamic character highlights the character of the wood. It gradually becomes more floral (lilac) and resinous (pine, cedar). Remarkably refined, it shows great maturity. Nutmeg and grey pepper then give their all to transcend the aromatic palette that has become voluptuous and medicinal.
  • Palate : both firm and smooth. Showing the same finesse, the attack on the palate is nonetheless distinctly different from the nose. The malted barely takes a leading role and deliciously steers the flavours to a very sweet, pastry-like register (marzipan, prune cake). Underscored by notes of freshly cut grass and lucerne, it gradually becomes chocolatey and salty.
  • Overall : long, a finish that caresses the taste buds. Deliciously mentholated, it reveals a basket full of juicy fruit (grape, pear, apple, cherries in brandy) on a bed of beeswax and lime blossom honey. The retro-nasal olfaction wavers between malted barley, noble wood and sweet spices (cinnamon, cardamom). Heady, the empty glass retains the vigour of the initial nose.
The brand

The brand

When the Domaine des Hautes Glaces launched its first eau de vie on the French market in 2011 (a young single malt aged for barely a year), it immediately stood out from other producers: its whisky is distilled entirely from barley grown organically in the exceptional local microclimate. Relying on expertise, techniques and tools (two Charentais stills) from Cognac, and on organic agriculture, Jérémy and Fred have created a unique, very French version of Scotland’s most famous spirit. Their approach is to separate their production into five areas (Andrieu, Le Serre, Gabert, Les Versannes and Vulson) where they grow several varieties of grain (barley for the whisky and rye for the vodka); the Domaine des Hautes Glaces has managed to create a portfolio of spirits with a richness and diversity that does not exist any where else in France. This enables connoisseurs to follow the evolution of flavours and aromas very closely, while remaining faithful to a completely organic approach.

The distillery

Set up in a 17th century castle on a plateau at an altitude of 900 metres to the south of Grenoble, Domaine des Hautes Glaces is still in its early days. And yet it has already made an impression on whisky connoisseurs. Managed by two friends, Jérémy Bricka and Frédéric Revol, the first an agronomist, the second an oenologist, this small company produces various spirits, distilled on site from barley and rye bases, the grain having been grown organically on the distinctive terroirs that surround the property. The result is a remarkable expression of these terroirs.

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