How to serve

Vermouth is a pre-dinner drink made from wine fortified with a spirit that is then flavoured with an infusion of herbs and spices. Some European vermouths have been awarded ‘protected designation of origin’ status.

  • Des fûts de Noilly Prat en cours de vieillissement © Rudolph Simon
  • Americano, cocktail à base de vermouth © Nicholas Sikorski

Correct storage of vermouth

Closed bottles of vermouth should be stored like spirits in an upright position. Once opened, the bottles must be kept completely immobile and in a cool place. As with all fortified wines, vermouth will deteriorate on exposure to oxygen, which alters its aroma and taste. Cool temperatures delay the effects of oxidation on the vermouth’s flavour. Once opened, bottles of vermouth should be finished within a few weeks.

Vermouth and spirits - a happy couple

    • Gin & vermouth

      Gin and vermouth speak the same language - the language of spices, roots, peel, plants and herbs, with tastes and flavours extracted via maceration or infusion. Martinez was born from a combination of vermouth and Old Tom gin, a much sweeter gin than those we are used to today.

    • Whisky & vermouth

      The relationship between vermouth and whisky has its roots in Manhattan. Whether or not this cocktail was actually created in New York’s Manhattan Club, its popularity is mostly due to this venue that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1915 by releasing its ‘secret’ bourbon-based recipe for the Manhattan Cocktail, followed by a Scotch-based spin-off at the end of the 19th century named the Rob Roy.

    • Rum & vermouth

      A favourite among Cuba’s elite, El Presidente is based on Cuban white rum and French vermouth. It is said to have been created at the Sevilla-Biltmore in Havana.

    • Tequila & vermouth

      A combination concocted and celebrated in pre-WWII London. The English barmen of the time created a powerful combination that brought forth an array of cocktails including the French vermouth- and tequila-based Matador.

  • Cognac & vermouth

    A balanced, harmonious combination that fuses the woody notes of cognac with the bittersweet flavours of vermouth, embodied by the Metropole, a cocktail created in tribute to the eponymous bar located in a Times Square hotel.