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Venerated in artistic circles and widely held as a muse (known as the “green fairy”), absinthe equally became something of a daily popular tradition: it became common practice to gather in bars and bistros for ‘l’heure verte’, meaning ‘green hour’.

  • Fontaine à absinthe © N. Sikorski
  • Plantes entrant dans la composition de l
  • Alambics © Matter
  • Sucre sous le goutte à goute © N. Sikorski
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The absinthe ritual 

There is a well-oiled ritual for drinking absinthe which adds to the fascination for the ‘green fairy’: pure absinthe is poured over a slotted spoon, called an ‘absinthe spoon’, with a sugar cube on top. Iced water is then very carefully poured over the sugar cube until it has completely dissolved. The sugar reduces the natural bitterness in traditional absinthe which is due to the presence of absinthin in the green nectar. One dose of 68% absinthe requires three to four parts water. Absinthe can also be enjoyed in a myriad other ways: with or without sugar, with gum or almond syrup, white wine (replacing water) or anise...

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