Archive DETTORI 2007 Muscadeddu - White

DETTORI 2007 Muscadeddu - White

Wine, Italy / Sardinia, 75cl, Ref: 6109

Muscadeddu is a Sardinian muscat produced entirely with hand-picked grapes from the family vineyard. Fine, elegant and slightly sweet, this wine is light and delicate. Bottled unfiltered after two to three years of ageing in vats, it contains a small amount of sediment. It is therefore advisable to leave the bottle to rest before opening and allow the wine time to open up and express itself.

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : deep amber, light coppery glints.
  • Nose : opulent and perfumed, with a noble expression of muscat and notes of candied apricot, ripe mango, spices and essential oils.
  • Palate : unctuous, smooth and sweet, with notes of quince, apricot and black tea.
  • Overall : long, changeable and constantly developing, undertones of exotic fruit can be detected (lychee and mango) and dry straw.
The brand

The brand

The Dettori are a family of shepherds and farmers who have always worked the land. Small-scale independent farmers, they are based in Badde Nigolosu, in the Sennori countryside, where they cultivate 33 hectares of vines along with some wheat, olive trees and some fruit and vegetables. All work, from the vineyard to the winery, is carried out by the family, and more importantly by hand. Their agricultural methods could be described as traditional, since they respect the environment’s natural balance.

The line

Having developed in the boom years after the Second World War, conventional agriculture is based on notions of yield. Largely applied in the world of wine-growing, this approach began to be challenged in the early 1990s. Leading the revolt were a handful of grape growers and wine producers who denounced the over-use of pesticides, fungicides and yeasts that have been cultured in laboratories. This trend of moving towards natural methods, that the main wine producers are now also trying to develop, has resulted in the creation of many types of certification; among the strictest is Demeter; there are also various groups and associations in France and across the Alps such as Renaissance AOC and Triple A.

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