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Cognac, Calvados and Armagnac

Forget about the old-fashioned image of these superb French brandies! Cognac, armagnac and calvados are a match for the finest spirits. A healthy helping of local tradition and talent to continue creating new developments...

Like whiskies and rums, these aged brown spirits are the product of knowledge passed down over the generations, undergoing distillation and ageing processes to emerge on to the counters of the most prestigious bars in the world.

Landier and Drouin are two examples of talented families who have developed their skills over the generations, to offer us some unique creations such as extremely rare colourless, vintage cognacs, or calvados imaginatively aged in Banyuls and sherry barrels.

And then there is Encantada, whose passion for armagnac takes them on an endless quest in search of the ultimate unfiltered, cask strength nectar. All of these spirits represent a complex heritage, which should be revered as a constant source of wonder.



Christian Drouin Clos d'orval
Lauriston Remi Landier
Leyrat Pierre Ferrand
Vallein Tercinier Encantada
Remy Martin Martell

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