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CARIBBEAN 2005 45%

Rum, Haiti, 70cl, Ref: 18084

Selected and bottled by one of the most reputable Italian bottlers, this rum’s nose initially seems to remain suspended in time, so as to unveil the ethereal character of its aromas to their fullest. Then once back down to earth, its palate reveals beautiful mineral and root-like flavours. As well as this collision of olfactory and gustatory sensations, this rum is also over-flowingly exotic.

Profile: fresh. Exotic (pineapple). Rose, honeysuckle. Dried fruit (almonds and hazelnuts) and citrus fruit (lemon and orange). Verbena infusion, lime blossom honey and ginger.

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : pale gold.
  • Nose : fresh, unctuous. Its exotic character (pineapple) is only equalled by its subtle perfumes of rose and honeysuckle. It opens with dried fruit (almonds and hazelnuts) and citrus fruit (lemon and orange). Notes of infused verbena mingle with lime blossom honey and ginger.
  • Palate : full-bodied, smooth. It leaves the heights to dig into a liquorice-flavoured, slightly damp soil. Freshly grated gentian and ginger root flavours are released. It then nourishes itself with the mineral salts that are abundant in the soil where the sugar cane grows. In fact, it follows the opposite path to the nose.
  • Overall : luscious, it is characterised by notes of light tobacco and coconut milk. Artichoke hearts give it plenty of body and softness. Rooted in its terroir, it becomes increasingly exotic, spicy and earthy. The retro-olfactation oscillates between the nose and the palate. The empty glass remains faithful to the nose.
The brand


Founded in 1968, Samaroli is now one of the last remaining Italian whisky bottlers. Its founder, Silvano Samaroli was responsible for legendary bottlings, including a highly-prized 1966 Bowmore. Following a tasting of some very fine quality samples, we decided to introduce a small range of Samaroli bottlings that reflect the company’s dedication to its craft.

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