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CAOL ILA 21 ans 1990

Single Malt, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 16374

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : Or pâle.
  • Nose : Puissant, concentré. La tourbe est sombre et huileuse, quasi médicinale (camphre, moutarde). Ses épices sont dominantes (girofle, poivre de Cayenne, piment d’Espelette). Si l’on ajoute de la concrète d’iris et du miel de lavande, le charme de cette version opère instantanément. Point d’orgue, de la paille, des algues et du sel.
  • Palate : Riche et particulièrement onctueuse (lait d’amande, vanille). Elle se met progressivement en place. Les fruits du verger arrivent en nombre (poire, pomme, prune, pêche). Quelques amandes viennent s’ajouter à la douceur ambiante. Plus tourbée qu’à l’accoutumée, son originalité prend forme.
  • Overall : Longue, concentrée. La tourbe et la fumée sont indissociables et omniprésentes. L’orge maltée, le géranium et la banane très mûre indiquent que l’on est passé du végétal au fruité. En plus de la tourbe et des agrumes, le verre vide est médicinal (baume du tigre).
The brand

The brand

As well as reflecting its smoky, malted barley, Caol Ila is also oily and peaty, with marine and vegetable notes. Its recent official bottlings, which are particularly expressive, have an intense smoky and peaty character with a good balance of saltiness and sweetness. Superb versions of this single malt have also been released by independent bottlers Gordon MacPhail & Signatory Vintage. Caol Ila’s stills, which are large and onion-shaped, have a strong influence on this single malt and give it a fairly light and delicate character. Find out more


This independent bottler is without a doubt one of the most highly acclaimed in Scotland. It stands out, not for its age (though it is the oldest independent bottler in Scotland), but for its complete mastery of cask ageing. Gordon & MacPhail is the only bottler to have its own casks - carefully chosen for the purpose - filled by the distilleries themselves, instead of simply buying the ones suggested to them by the latter. This allows it to determine, in advance and with great precision, exactly how many years a whisky will need to reach ideal maturation.

The line

Located in the heart of Speyside, Gordon & MacPhail have excellent business relations with the region’s main distilleries. Each one has a specific label, originally associated with a semi-official release. Another label enables specialists such as La Maison du Whisky to bottle single casks in accordance with their specifications. Called simply Gordon & MacPhail Reserve, this range has now introduced a different colour label for each production region.

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