Archive CAOL ILA 1982 Over 30 Years

CAOL ILA 1982 Over 30 Years

Single Malt, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 17975

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  • Floral
  • Fruity
  • Spicy
  • Woody
  • Iodized
  • Peated
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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : jaune citron.
  • Nose : ample, pulpeux. Particulièrement marin, il est marqué par le poisson fumé, l’huile de foie de morue et par les embruns. Du sel arrive ensuite par rafales avant que la tourbe ne prenne les choses en main. Des agrumes confits, des fleurs blanches et quelques fruits mûrs parviennent finalement à se frayer un chemin à travers joncs et roseaux. A noter, l’apparition d’une note médicinale (baume).
  • Palate : onctueuse, huileuse. Son attaque est particulièrement fruitée (pomme, ananas). Très vite cependant, la tourbe reprend droit de cité. Elle est même inhabituellement intense pour un Caol Ila qui plus est, de cet âge. Les amateurs de sensations fortes ne s’en plaindront pas. De plus en plus saline, elle nous emmène en bord de mer respirer l’iode à pleins poumons. Le poisson fumé est plus que jamais présent.
  • Overall : longue, vivifiante. C’est toutes voiles dehors qu’elle assume son envie de grand large. La tourbe est toujours aussi intensément présente. Elle revêt toutefois des tonalités plus herbacées et cendrées. En rétro olfaction, des fruits frais (melon jaune) et des agrumes (pamplemousse) précèdent une fumée abondante.
The brand

The brand

As well as reflecting its smoky, malted barley, Caol Ila is also oily and peaty, with marine and vegetable notes. Its recent official bottlings, which are particularly expressive, have an intense smoky and peaty character with a good balance of saltiness and sweetness. Superb versions of this single malt have also been released by independent bottlers Gordon MacPhail & Signatory Vintage. Caol Ila’s stills, which are large and onion-shaped, have a strong influence on this single malt and give it a fairly light and delicate character. Find out more


Although the independent bottler Signatory Vintage cannot claim to be one of the oldest in Scotland, it has managed to build up an extremely solid reputation amongst the great malt connoisseurs. The creator of the famous range The Prestonfield and many other well-known ranges, it is best known for its un-chillfiltered and cask strength bottlings that offer amateurs the chance to enjoy their whisky in its most natural form. It was also one of the first independent bottlers to acquire a distillery and now offers a growing number of expressions of one of the most artisan single malts available.

The line

Baptised ‘Artist’, this new range makes no bones about proclaiming its identity. Cosmopolitan and contemporary, it draws its inspiration from the style that gave the Italian bottlings of the 60s and 70s their cult following. From the choice of whiskies (distillery, ageing process, age, strength, bottling procedure) to the design of the bottle and choice of label, every detail has been carefully considered. This range offers a fine presentation of both the whiskies and the artist whose works have been selected for the back labels.

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