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Most of the wines currently produced in the world are standardized. They are produced using agricultural and oenological techniques that tend to remove the characteristics of the grape varieties, and the influence of the terroir and the winegrower’s personality. This standardisation results in similar wines being produced all over the world, with ‘flattened’ organoleptic properties, that do stand the test of time. The use of chemical products and yeasts selected in laboratories are the two main causes of this phenomenon.

Fine wines – ‘wow’ factor wines’ – result from growing practices that have almost disappeared today and from a minimum amount of intervention during the vinification process. A vineyard should be cultivated like a vegetable garden. 

The Triple A manifesto sets out the basic criteria that are followed by winegrowers who produce and intend to continue to produce wines according to the best possible practices. According to this manifesto, to produce a fine wine, a producer must comply with the three ‘A’s: 

- A as in Agriculteur (farmer): Those directly responsible for cultivating a vineyard can establish a satisfactory relationship between man and nature, and obtain ripe, healthy grapes, solely through natural growing methods. 

- A as in Artisan (craftsman): Small-scale ‘artisanale’ methods provide vital wine-making and oenological techniques that do not modify the original structure of the grapes or the wine. 

- A as in Artist: Only the ‘artistic’ awareness of a producer, who is respectful of their work and their ideas, can result in the creation of a fine wine, in which the characteristics of the terroir and the grape variety are given full expression.

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