BRUICHLADDICH 1993 Aged 25 Years 8th Edition ARTIST S.V 46,9%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 55211

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Founded in 1881 by the Harvey brothers, the Bruichladdich distillery closed in 1994. Bought in 2001 by a group of enthusiasts and independent bottler Murray McDavid, in 2012 it became the property of Remy Cointreau. From 1970 to 1994, the distillery produced an unpeated single malt which is showcased in this remarkable version. Staying close to the grain, it succeeds the impressive feat of combining richness and finesse. Therefore particularly Bruichladdich, its palette of aromas and flavours is a subtle blend of floral, fruity, vanilla, spicy, medicinal, salty and luscious notes.

Profile: the slender initial nose is an ode to malted barley. Allowed to breathe, it becomes medicinal, vanilla and fruity (pear). It lingers with notes of aromatic plants (savory). The delicate attack is generous and juicy (Williams pear). On the mid-palate, red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) appear. The fermentation-reminiscent finish is milky (coconut, almond). Salty notes of samphire.

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Sourcing actor, importer and exclusive distributor of a portfolio of international brands, La Maison du Whisky is, since 60 years a reference for whisky and spirit lovers. Thanks to our close relationships with producers and independent bottlers, we have access to limited editions and unique products we bring to market exclusively. Curious and creative, we are driven by our passion for products and our desire to constantly bring our clients the latest expressions through our own shops, our website and selected wine retail shops in France.


Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : vibrant gold.
  • Nose : slender, fine. With incredible freshness and rare intensity, the initial nose allows us to contemplate a field of barley. It is fairly salty and also marked by medicinal tones (mustard, camphor). Its ethereal character boasts exciting beauty. Gradually, vanilla and a handful of yellow fruits (pear, apple) play opposite very fragrant plants (rosemary, savory). The aromatic palette reveals stunning balance.
  • Palate : delicate yet lively. Not to be outdone, the attack climbs ever higher. Very generous and juicy (Williams pear), it also becomes vanilla and lemony. The mid-palate invites us to breathe in the heady aromas of geranium and red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) emanating from a vat in the throws of fermentation. The end of the palate evokes courgette flower.
  • Overall : long, serene. In the same fermentation register, the finish is milky (coconut, almond). Increasingly salty, it lingers with notes of samphire, pig ear and more autumnal flavours of sweet chestnut and liquorice. The retronasal olfaction returns to red fruits, raspberry in particular. The empty glass is medicinal and peppery.
The brand

The brand

The desire to take on new challenges at this distillery is so high that it would take almost an entire chapter to describe all the different experimental bottlings of the Bruichladdich single malt, created under the aegis of Mark Reynier and Jim McEwan. In addition to the “classic” range of unpeated whiskies, they have released peated malts (the 3D and Port Charlotte range, followed by Octomore, the spirit with the highest phenolic content ever seen), triple-distilled malts and even quadruple-distilled malts, not to mention the different casks used for maturation, a process the “laddies” prefer to call A.C.E (Additional Cask Enhancement) rather than “finishing”. Bought in 2012 by the French group Rémy Cointreau, the distillery seems to be moving towards the production of more classic styles using only 100% Scottish barley. Find out more


The distillery

Following its acquisition in 2000 by a group of investors, the Bruichladdich distillery underwent a meticulous renovation in 2001, which enabled the owners to keep almost all of the original 19th century equipment, including an open brewing tank and very elongated onion-shaped stills (the stills for the second distillation are six metres high). The resulting single malt is very mildly peaty, being characterised by its coastal origins, with a scent of sea air and salty flavours on the palate. Reserving all of its production for the single malt market, Bruichladdich is also the only distillery to age and bottle its whisky on the isle of Islay. It produces two heavily peated releases: Port Charlotte and Octomore.



Artist, Lands of Scotland, Malt Pedigree, Tartan, The Ten, Very Cloudy... all of these whisky ranges – composed of single malts and single grains – have one thing in common: they were all created by the team at La Maison du Whisky. They are the fruits of many decades of close collaboration with some of the most prestigious bottlers in Scotland. For some years the French importer and exclusive distributor of the classic ranges of well-known spirits producers, La Maison du Whisky was soon granted the very rare privilege of being able to complement these ranges with their own, bringing together two sets of expertise, two reputations and two complementary histories under one, single label.


The line

Baptised ‘Artist’, this new range makes no bones about proclaiming its identity. Cosmopolitan and contemporary, it draws its inspiration from the style that gave the Italian bottlings of the 60s and 70s their cult following. From the choice of whiskies (distillery, ageing process, age, strength, bottling procedure) to the design of the bottle and choice of label, every detail has been carefully considered. This range offers a fine presentation of both the whiskies and the artist whose works have been selected for the back labels.

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