Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Speyside, 70cl, Ref: 53836

Founded in 1826, Benrinnes was destroyed following a landslide in 1829 after taking the name Lyne of Rutherie. It was only in 1845 that it permanently recovered its original name. It is one of the few Scottish distilleries to have practised triple distillation, which it did until 2007. A blend of two casks, this bottling perfectly embodies the fruity, spicy and floral style of this particularly elegant single malt. Remarkably complex, it also boasts an exoticism that is never short of fruit and delicious notes of vanilla.

Profile: the distinguished initial nose is mineral (chalk) and lactic (coconut). Allowed to breathe, it is initially herbaceous and mentholated before becoming very fruity (white peach, pineapple). The lively attack is characterised by citrus fruit and green liquorice. The mid-palate is very exotic (banana, kiwi). The very delicate finish is malty, floral (lily of the valley) and cocoa. The retro-nasal olfaction is luxuriously vanilla.

Small Batch – First Fill Hogshead
Limited edition of 563 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW

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Sourcing actor, importer and exclusive distributor of a portfolio of international brands, La Maison du Whisky is, since 60 years a reference for whisky and spirit lovers. Thanks to our close relationships with producers and independent bottlers, we have access to limited editions and unique products we bring to market exclusively. Curious and creative, we are driven by our passion for products and our desire to constantly bring our clients the latest expressions through our own shops, our website and selected wine retail shops in France.


Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : deep golden yellow.
  • Nose : refined, distinguished. Notes of chalk and coconut milk lend lots of charm to the incredibly mineral initial nose. Allowed to breathe, it develops notes of cut grass, mint and malted barley. Then, with the same elegance, it reveals one by one all of its abundant fruits (lemon, William pear, white peach, pineapple) and very sophisticated spices (cinnamon, grey pepper, pink peppercorn).
  • Palate : lively, resolute. The attack focuses first on citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit) which are covered in a thin layer of green liquorice. Then, with lots of sweetness, the mid-palate chooses the language of exoticism (kiwi, passion fruit, banana) before a gentle breeze brings cut hay and sage to the end of the palate.
  • Overall : long, delicate. Malted and unmalted barley are omnipresent without restricting the gustatory palette. Indeed, the same citrus fruits from the palate, white florals (lilac, lily of the valley) and cocoa beans rival each other in intensity. This stunning ensemble is also wonderfully fresh. The retro-nasal olfaction offers rich notes of vanilla and the empty glass is spicy (ginger, cinnamon).
The brand

The brand

Benrinnes remains relatively undiscovered, but is nevertheless well-known amongst whisky lovers. Its tumultuous history featured a succession of reconstructions and changes in ownership, until in 1925 it was finally given some stability by being incorporated into the Distillers Company Limited. This distillery, which was equipped with its own saladin box for malting its barley until 1984, is noted for its rather unconventional “partial triple distillation”. Although its rare official bottlings have remained in the shadows: The Flora & Fauna and Rare Malts collections, its most expressive whiskies are to be found on the independent bottlings market.



Artist, Lands of Scotland, Malt Pedigree, Tartan, The Ten, Very Cloudy... all of these whisky ranges – composed of single malts and single grains – have one thing in common: they were all created by the team at La Maison du Whisky. They are the fruits of many decades of close collaboration with some of the most prestigious bottlers in Scotland. For some years the French importer and exclusive distributor of the classic ranges of well-known spirits producers, La Maison du Whisky was soon granted the very rare privilege of being able to complement these ranges with their own, bringing together two sets of expertise, two reputations and two complementary histories under one, single label.


The line

Since the dawn of time, artist collectives have been a place of exchange, inspiration and creativity. In the same way, each of the single malts found in our Artist Collective range draws the richness of their olfactory and gustatory palettes from the marriage of various casks. Devoted to diversity, every region and every style of Scottish single malt, peated and unpeated, are represented. Within this range we also find 43%, 48%, 57.1% (100 proof) and cask-strength bottlings. To illustrate the labels of the six bottlings in our first collection, La Maison du Whisky has called on contemporary artists from very different backgrounds. Each of them brings their own very personal touch that echoes the richness of the single malts selected!
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