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5 Yo
61.5%, 70c
25 Yo
43.4%, 70cl
10 Yo
54.6%, 70cl
35 Yo
55.5%, 70cl
20 Yo
52.7%, 70c
15 Yo
55.9%, 70cl

The new range Artist

The fruit of a meticulous selection process, the range brings together Scotland’s leading names in versions that are sometimes older than 35 years : Caol Ila 5 ans, Auchentoshan 10 ans, Mortlach 15 ans, Glen Keith 20 ans, Highland Park 25 ans et Bunnahabhain 35 ans. Artist symbolises the quality of our relationship with the independent bottler Signatory Vintage, which once again has allowed us this year to bring you an ARTIST Range of which we are particularly proud.

  • CAOL ILA 2008

    Aged 5 Years

    Islay Single Malt - 61.5%, 70cl
    Single Cask #311913 - Bourbon Barrel

    Limited edition of 242 bottles - Exclusive to LMDW

    Excessive from start to finish, this version of Caol Ila does not deal in half-measures. This is instantly apparent, not only in its peaty, smoky register, but also in the animal, marine, fruity, spicy, medicinal and herbal notes that bring enormous variation to this whisky’s aroma and flavour palette. Devoted to the high seas, it is only the tides that eventually bring this ship back to port, its hold brimming with treasure.

    Lediag Ledaig

    Aged 10 Years

    Lowland Single Malt - 54.6%, 70cl
    Single Cask #800108 - Bourbon Barrel

    Limited edition of 68 bottles - Exclusive to LMDW

    We cannot stop singing the praises of this version, thanks to which the Lowlands region has, for the first time, made a triumphal entrance to La Maison du Whisky’s Artist range. A veritable ode to the triple distillation method used by this distillery in Falkirk, its particularly complex fruitiness, wonderfully fresh herbaceous character and spicy, hot pepper and malted notes constantly push the limits of a very pleasurable tasting that offers resplendent purity.

    Lediag Ledaig
  • MORTLACH 1998

    Aged 15 Years

    Speyside Single Malt - 55.9%, 70cl
    Single Cask #6 - Sherry Finish 58 months

    Limited edition of 695 bottles - Exclusive to LMDW

    Captivating, majestic scents, which gain in concentration and complexity, voluptuous flavours full of energy and exoticism, and then a velvety, oily finish that seems to prolong our pleasure indefinitely. We are absolutely delighted to be able to include Mortlach among the single malts in La Maison du Whisky’s much-prized Artist range.

    Lediag Ledaig
  • GLEN KEITH 1992

    Aged 20 Years

    Speyside Single Malt - 52.7%, 70cl
    Single Cask #120584 - Bourbon Barrel

    Limited edition of 204 bottles - Exclusive to LMDW

    Taking the name of the town in which it is located, the Glen Keith distillery was founded in 1958 in order to produce a triple-distilled single malt. This method was abandoned in 1970, the same year in which the number of stills increased from three to five, increasing again to six in 1983. After closing its doors in 1999, it was fully renovated and began distilling again on 14 June 2013. This sappy and intensely fruity, malty version is a brilliant example of the powerful, mineral and unctuous style of this single malt, which enjoys a superb reputation among enthusiasts looking for authentic single malts.

    Lediag Ledaig

    Aged 25Years

    Orkney Single Malt - 43.4%, 70cl
    Single Cask #10526 - Hogshead

    Limited edition of 240 bottles - Exclusive to LMDW

    From the very first moment you nose this whisky, you know you’re dealing with a truly majestic Highland Park. The notes of cut hay, yellow fruit, heather, beeswax, spices, smoke, heady florals and citrus fruit expressed on the nose; and the succulent honeys, black fruit, agave, coconut, lily, chillies and dried fruit found on the palate reveal a rich and complex palette of aromas and flavours, whose ability to transport and deeply move the taster is not the least of its achievements. Furthermore, it moves from one register to another with the ease of a true masterpiece.

    Lediag Ledaig

    Aged 35 Years

    Islay Single Malt - 55.5%, 70cl
    Single Cask #7608 - Hogshead

    Limited edition of 150 bottles - Exclusive to LMDW

    Built between 1881 and 1883 by the Greenlees brothers, the Bunnahabhain distillery was first called Islay Distillery, in perfect simplicity. Expanded in 1963, it was closed in 1983 reopening in 2001 following renovation work. With breathtaking freshness and youthfulness at almost forty years old, this vintage initially reveals, on the nose and on the palate, a particularly expressive fruity character. Then, proud of its insular origins, it returns to a palette of fascinating peaty, earthy, smoky and saline notes. The majestic finish alone is pure Bunnahabain.

    Lediag Ledaig

Concept Artist

Named ARTIST, this range – born four years ago from the need to create a real identity for this September catalogue – is the fruit of a lengthy selection process. Each series involves a period of intense reflection for the first six months of the year: the choice of whiskies (distilleries, maturing, age, alcohol content) and the range’s graphical interpretation by an upcoming artist. These limited edition bottlings are exclusive to La Maison du Whisky. Each one expresses our vision of Scottish single malt at a given moment, each in their own special way.


This is a passionate task that requires extremely high standards and patience! On-site, in Signatory Vintage’s bonded warehouses in the heart of Scotland, experts from La Maison du Whisky taste dozens of single malts straight from the cask before selecting the most promising samples. Choosing these casks is a multi-sensory experience which doesn’t end here. These samples are then tasted several more times before the experts settle on one single, unique cask.

Signatory Vintage

Established in 1988 by Andrew Symington, the independent bottlers Signatory Vintage has managed to build up an extremely solid reputation amongst prominent malt connoisseurs. It is best known for its un-chillfiltered and cask strength bottlings that offer amateurs the chance to enjoy their whisky in its most natural form. The selection process for the ARTIST range is carried out in the Signatory Vintage warehouses.


For the past five years, La Maison du Whisky has made it a point of honour to bring new life to dormant barrels in the Signatory Vintage warehouses. Browse the first four ARTIST ranges and discover our Cask Strength Connoisseurs’ choice selection.

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