ARDBEG 10 YEAR OLD Liberez la Tourbe

Single Malt, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 8357A

A must have LMDW

Unfairly seen as a ‘peat monster’, we consider Ardbeg, and in particular the 10 year old, to embody absolute perfection when it comes to Scottish single malts. Rightly held as one of the world’s 5 greatest malts, this is a crowd-pleaser and enthrals experts as it does novices of both genders. Characterised by mellow notes of liquorice sticks, this universal single malt is offered in its "Libérez la Tourbe” [“Free the Peat”] case exclusively by La Maison du Whisky.

Ardbeg is irrefutably one of the most iconic of distilleries. As soon as it bottles a new version, enthusiasts around the world line up to sample its delights. As for the old vintages, most of them inspire admiration through their peaty power and their mineral, fruity finesse. The 10 Year Old version sets a lighter tone than we are generally accustomed to, but is just as earthy, smoky and marine as ever. Collector’s "Libérez la Tourbe” [‘Free the Peat’] case, made exclusively for La Maison du Whisky

Limited edition restricted to 5,000 pieces, an LMDW exclusive Profile: balanced, deep. Phenolic, peaty and smoky, chocolatey. Candied fruits (lemon, grapefruit). Iodised, camphorous. Sea spray and smoked fish.

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  • Peated
  • Floral
  • Woody
  • Fruity
  • Iodized
  • Spicy
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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : vibrant gold.
  • Nose : balanced, deep. Phenol-heavy, peaty and smoky, the nose initially emerges as chocolatey. It develops into aromas of candied fruits (lemon, grapefruit) and iodised, camphor notes. Characterised by sea spray and smoked fish, it increasingly asserts its island personality. Grilled, roasted aromas (roasted coffee, tobacco) form the crescendo.
  • Palate : firm, lively. Its opening is initially spiced (black and white pepper, clove) before the smoke and ash take over. A subtle liquorice aspect characterises the mid-palate, becoming earthier and more saline as it unfurls. Emerging as mineral (chalk), it returns to fresh fruits (pear, apple) and citrus fruits (lemon). The end of the palate is lactic (agave) and floral (lily, iris).
  • Overall : long, ashy. Freshly-cut grass and fresh mint combine to create a herbaceous character. Gentian and ginger root beer pay testimony to its origins in Islay soil. The retronasal olfaction is split between peat, smoke and white-fleshed fruits. Once empty, the glass is empyreumatic (tar, eucalyptus).
The brand

The brand

The Ardbeg distillery produces the peatiest single malt in Scotland In the past, the strong peaty character of its single malts originated from a lack of ventilation in the malt kiln which led to the smoky flavours being locked in. In addition to its peaty character, Ardbeg also presents aromas of liquorice and varnish. The single malts offer a charming, rustic character allied with great sophistication and a rich expression. Thanks to a passionate following among whisky enthusiasts, Ardbeg’s production is almost entirely dedicated to its single malt rather than blends. Find out more

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