Islay Single Malt – 54.9%, 70cl
Single Cask #5770 – Hogshead
Limited Edition of 250 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Wonderfully embodying the spirit of Islay, the Port Askaig range was created by the London-based company Elixir Distillers, owned by the Singh brothers. Profoundly insular, it pays tribute to the residents of this truly unique island. Designed to appeal just as much to experts and newcomers alike, all of its whiskies are bottled without chill-filtration. Revealing a peat dedicated entirely to the other elements in the palette of flavours and aromas, this bottling wavers between enlightened innocence and accomplished maturity. A succession of metaphors each more inspired than the next, it takes on an original and contrasting discourse to better highlight its academic classicism.

Colour: vibrant golden yellow.


rich, unctuous. The first nose is focused on white florals (lily of the valley, lily), also revealing fruit (lemon, pear), honey (lavender) and candied notes (banana, pineapple). Peat then arrives to take the reins at exactly the right moment. It is oily, saline and creamy, almost milky (coconut). Allowed to breathe, camphor, liquorice, walnut husk, sleet and smoke envelop malted barley in a medicinal coating.

both lively and mellow. The particularly mineral (pencil lead) attack proudly launches an attack on a steep and rocky landscape. Peat melts beautifully into notes of tar, fresh walnut, and dried and heady (broom, heather) flowers. The oily (tapenade) mid-palate is unmistakably marine, before, like the nose, becoming very medicinal (mustard poultice, iodine tincture). The very end of the palate is lush (green malt, lucerne) and roasted (tea, tobacco).

long, rich. A true opportunity to taste a vanilla flan, the start of the finish also brings to mind a floating island dessert. After this delicious interlude, the flavour palette runs aground at the edge of the sea (seaweed, sea spray, sea aster). On the retro-nasal olfaction, peat returns as a pleasant memory for our taste buds, filling every section of the palate. The silky texture brings lots of bite. This leads to the appearance of a vegetal note at the same exact moment. The empty glass is clearly medicinal, camphoric, fruity (canary melon), floral (dandelion) and rooty (gentian).

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