Switzerland, Pastis – 45%, 50cl
Limited Edition of 291 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Located in the Swiss canton of Neufchâtel, the Larusée distillery primarily produces absinthe. It’s no surprise as this legendary drink originated in the same canton. At the &Fine Spirits store we wanted to create a pastis that incorporated absinthe as a reflection of the drink’s roots. This made Larusée the ideal choice for the project. And at this Swiss distillery, pastis production is a well-oiled machine. During distillation and then maceration, it gradually incorporates more than thirty aromatic herbs, natural extracts, essential oils and, of course, absinthe.

Colour: pale green.

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fresh and charming. Aniseed quickly makes way for a broad palette of aromatic herbs (fennel, star anise, liquorice, coriander). As a reminder of its roots, the pastis also allows a glimpse of delicate notes of grand wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) and small absinthe (Artemisia Pontica).

staying consistent with the nose, the palate nonetheless allows the appearance of lemony aromas. A sensation of freshness persists, taking on incredible complexity, with aromas appearing one on top of the other without ever coming into conflict. Citrus fruit gives way to sage and verbena before green aniseed and liquorice appear only to allow absinthe and coriander to take centre-stage.

rich, the sensation of complexity remains. Herbaceous notes, liquorice and fennel conclude a tasting guided by aromatic richness and freshness.

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