OLD PULTENEY 15 YO 2004 Sherry Butt

Highland Single Malt – 50.2%, 70cl
Single Cask #126 – Sherry Butt
Limited Edition of 726 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Located in Wick in the very north of mainland Scotland, Pulteney was mothballed between 1930 and 1951 due to the financial crisis and prohibition. It was rebuilt in 1958. An unusual feature of the distillery is that its wash still has no lyne arm, which enables a richer and more oily new-make spirit. On an aromatic front, revealing a fruity and spicy (curry) rancio much later in the tasting, this bottling immediately takes us to Andalusia. In this way, it proudly honours the reputation of this maritime single malt, nicknamed the Manzanilla of the North.

Colour: very intense yellow.


refined, creamy. The very distinguished first nose is characterized by notes of brioche, almond milk and exotic fruit (pineapple, plantain banana). Allowed to breathe, fine salt crystals cover the aromatic palette. The fruit then becomes gradually more intense (canary melon, apple, pear) and superbly herbaceous (rosemary), with raspberry and spicy (nutmeg, cardamom) tones making an energetic entrance.

rich, invigorating. Wavering between coffee, crushed almond, fresh walnut and spices (curry, cumin), the attack takes no prisoners. It is direct and focused on just one thing: meticulously reproducing every detail of the Old Pulteney style. Allowed to breathe, it becomes rich (lemon tart, Calisson d’Aix), milky (coconut, almond) and honeyed (lavender, lime blossom). Continuing on perfectly, the end of the palate is naturally heady (lily, gillyflower).

long, slightly tannic. The tertiary (corinthian raisin, date, fig) start to the finish is also praline and roasted (black tea, coffee). Gradually, a thin film of soot, star anise and liquorice coats the sides of the palate. Next and all at once, an exotic nostalgia (passion fruit, kiwi, mango) breaks onto centre stage. The very salty and peppery retro-nasal olfaction reproduces the roasted and vanilla aromas of a warehouse. The empty glass is balsamic (pine), hot (ointment), spicy (clove) and camphoric.

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