NEISSON 2003 Cuvée Sacha

Rhum Agricole – 46.1%, 70cl
Single Cask – French Oak Barrel
Limited Edition of 92 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Matured in bourbon casks entirely in a tropical climate, this venerable bottling is named after Grégory Vernant-Neisson’s son, Sacha, who was born in 2003. Bottled at cask strength, its aromas at times evoke a superb American rye whiskey or even a cognac with floral accents from the Petite Champagne terroir. Bolstered by these primary influences, it is simply all the more authentic. Indeed, as the tasting progresses, it brilliantly stages notes of sugar cane that act as the backbone for the palette of flavours and aromas. Spectacular.

Colour: orangey copper with tawny glints.


refined, voluptuous. Magnificent notes of beeswax, candied orange and hyacinth highlight a dazzling first nose. Allowed to breathe, mango, apricot, raspberry and saffron further accentuate the impression of nobility emanating from the aromatic palette. Later, cane sugar, quince jelly, fruity rancio (brandied cherries), powdered chocolate and coconut further elevate the tasting.

full-bodied, rich. The deliciously praline attack boasts a rare smoothness. At the same time, lemon brings just the right amount of acidity and freshness to the exciting introduction to the palate. With notes of orange zest, candied apricot and praline, the mid-palate reveals a minimalist classicism. At the end of the palate, heather honey and nutmeg play a liquoricey and spicy score.

long, enveloping. The magnificently powdery (cocoa) and earthy (gentian root) start to the finish is characterized by stone fruits (walnut, hazelnut, caribe). Golden sugar cane also appears in the taster’s eye-line. Mango, geranium honey and grated ginger feed a sunny retro-nasal olfaction. The empty glass is liquoricey (zan liquorice sweets), peppery, heady (iris butter) and cocoa- inspired.

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