LAGAVULIN 12 YO Specially Selected White Horse Distillers Ltd

Islay Single Malt – 43%, 75cl
Montenegro Spa Import

It was under a white banner that Lagavulin first set out to conquer the world in the late 1960s. And so it was that Europe, the United States and the Commonwealth witnessed the arrival on a magnificent white charger of a bottling with no age statement signed White Horse Distillers. Many were the importers (Carpano, Cinoco, Montenegro, Corima, etc.) who, in the 1970s, rode upon this spirited stallion, whose standard underwent multiple changes. From 1973, Lagavulin proudly displayed its age of 12 years on the neck of a bottle which, breaking from its past, turned to transparency, revealing through its bottlings a formal outfit adorned with Iberican
Colours and fragrances. This latest version introduced in the mid-80s is, all in all, the most accomplished.

Colour: copper with tints of gold.


subtle and deep, authentic. Powerfully peaty and salty, the pace is set by candied orange and red fruit (strawberry), which is soon accompanied by honey, leather and a note of beef stock. Like an ointment, camphor, mint and pepper come together in a crescendo. All elements finally unite in dill and salmon, leather tannins and cedar-wood fragrances.

marine yet sunny. Peat leads a virtuoso symphony of fig, orange jam and abundant liquorice which is broken up by the addition of vanilla and the sweetness of coconut milk and broom. Oak reasserts itself and imposes a spicy (ginger) and cocoa regis- ter, without any bum notes.

interminable, stretching to the horizon. Mentholated and surprisingly fresh, the finish gives way to bitter orange and quince jelly. The score, which is more jazzy here, culminates in nougat, cumin and acacia honey underscored by the generosity of a Cuban cigar.

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