GLENDRONACH 26 YO 1993 Pedro Ximenez

Highland Single Malt – 46.5%, 70cl
Single Cask #6602 – Pedro Ximenez Puncheon
Limited Edition of 650 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Those lucky enough to have tasted Glendronach’s most renowned sherry cask bottlings – and they are many – will find it easy to understand the passion inspired by this single malt and the esteem accorded by enthusiasts around the world. This absolutely superb bottling is packed with all the mysteries that have made this Scottish gem’s renown. These include extraordinary complexity and power, intense fruit, wonderfully serene maturity and an unpretentious power of seduction. These qualities are of course accompanied by herbaceous, earthy sequences that flirt with peat.

Colour: mahogany with green hues.


full-bodied, refined. Precious wood, beeswax, musk, blood orange, dried apricot, grilled walnut, cut hay, mango and dark chocolate… these are some of the notes most present on the incredibly sensual first nose. Allowed to breathe, the expression becomes even more noble (papier d’Arménie, emery cloth). Note the presence of red fruits (strawberry, raspberry). The spicy register is completely harmonious (cinnamon, saffron, cumin).

with lots of energy and yet still incredibly smooth, the attack is intensely chocolatey, mentholated and herbaceous (lucerne, bay leaf, thyme). On the mid-palate, delicious rhubarb jam, quince jelly and latte refresh the taste buds. Autumn fruits (sweet chestnut, chestnut, hazelnut) bring a wonderfully soft glowing redness to the end of the palate.

long, generous. Salted butter caramel, various sweet pastries (cake, mocha) and cocoa powder prolong the feeling of fullness that has reigned since the start of the tasting. Blackcurrants then bring nuance to the chromatic palette at the very end of the palate, with dark purple and bluish tones. Much later, strong spices (nutmeg, ginseng root) and agave notes bring an earthy dimension to the retro-nasal olfaction. The empty glass is intensely herbaceous, chocolatey, spicy (juniper berry) and malty.

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