France, Gin – 50%, 50cl
Limited Edition of 290 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

For this gin, the &Fine Spirits store teamed up with the Ergaster distillery to offer a unique sensory experience. After spending lots of time experimenting with different macerations, we have chosen five main aromatic routes. Citrus fruit, herbs and spices act as the backbone for the gin. Peppers (Timut and Sichuan) or florals (hibiscus and rose) then guide the gin towards more unusual flavours! Finally, five earthenware jars are available, with the store’s experts on hand to help you create your own gin. Floral or spicy, classic or unusual, you decide!
For the tasting note, we have created a gin with the following composition: 45% juniper, 15% fruity, 15% spicy, 15% herbaceous, 10% pepper.

Palate: transparent with lemon yellow glints.

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fruity, with Buddha’s hand and kaffir lime leading the charge. A sensation of freshness is reinforced by Thai basil, which brings an aniseed aroma. Turmeric and ginger mix with pepper, bringing even more exoticism to the nose.

juniper berry, which has been hitherto discreet, coats the entire palate. Citrus fruit and Timut pepper dominate, but corian- der and turmeric also make their presence known. The sensation of freshness persists, and the combination of pepper and citrus fruit works wonderfully.

the finish is rich and spicy. Ginger and Sichuan pepper find lots of room to express themselves.

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