CHRISTIAN DROUIN Tokay 2000 Pays d’Auge

Calvados – 50%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 60 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

It was in 1979, when stocks were deemed sufficiently large, that the first Christian Drouin Calvados were released for sale. In 1990, the distillery’s activities were transferred to a stud farm in Coudray-Rabut which eventually became the Coeur de Lion estate. Aged in ex-Tokay casks, this truly remarkable version has, over almost 20 years, patiently accumulated all of the flavours and aromas of this highly prized Hungarian sweet wine in order to further assert its eternally hopeful Normand identity. Thus, from start to finish, apple sets the pace of the tasting!

Colour: topaz with subtle amber glints.


refined, smooth. On the first nose, a refined honey liqueur underscoring the Tokay’s influence and notes of juicy apple are separated by a path peppered with mustard grain and aromas of aged cider. Allowed to breathe, florals (gillyflower, camelia), precious wood and white mint accentuate the heady character. Next, spices (ginger, cinnamon), vanilla and coffee bring lots of harmony and tone to the aromatic palette.

full-bodied, concentrated. At once herbaceous (moss), resinous (pine) and medicinal (cough sweets), the attack reveals freshly cut slices of apple. On the mid-palate, nuts (walnut, almond) rival notes of flowering geranium and lime blossom in intensity. With time, cocoa powder, bourbon vanilla and delicious apple jelly flavours are allowed complete freedom of expression on the extremely generous (apple turnover) end of the palate.

long, silky. With a freshness that evokes abundant notes of sweet pastry (Normandy apple tart, clafoutis), the start of the finish also reveals mint tea flavours. Soon after, the Tokay once again leaves its mark on the silky and lightly tannic end of the palate. The very sunny retro-nasal olfaction reveals notes of gentian root, ginger and candied apple. The empty glass is vegetal (pipe tobacco), heady (iris butter) and praline.

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