CHRISTIAN DROUIN Rivesaltes 1986 Pays d’Auge

Calvados – 46.6%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 48 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

The fruit of two family orchards, some thirty varieties of apple made up of bitter (20%), bitter-sweet (50%), sweet (20%) and sour (10%) are used in the composition of the ciders and calvados produced by Maison Christian Drouin. To create a calvados fit for ageing, distillation is carried out between June and November in the year of harvest. With remarkable freshness, this version aged in an ex-Rivesaltes wine cask has managed to keep intact the olfactory and gustatory qualities of the prime of youth, whilst simultaneously revealing a wonderfully complex maturity. This apparent duality leads to an original calvados with no fear of venturing far from its native land in order to return all the richer.

Colour: burnished gold with glints of amber.


ethereal, subtle. Characterized by citrus fruit (orange, clementine) and apricot, the first nose immediately introduces us to a very original calvados. Allowed to breathe, it becomes floral (rose petal, peony), rooty (gentian, ginger) and medicinal (camphor, mustard). Gradually, apple jelly at times takes us to the heart of a wooded countryside before leaving for more oriental lands (rose petal, turkish delight, fig liqueur).

lively, minimalist. With a delicate liquorice streak, the attack crosses the palate lengthways. Apples spread their tangy juice across the taste buds as beeswax and polish underscore the nobility of the wood. The very invigorating mid-palate is exotic (passion fruit, mango, persimmon). Vanilla and chocolate flavours then mix together and bring huge personality to an otherwise lush end of the palate.

long, generous. The beautifully oxidative (stewed apple) start of the finish is also mentholated. Next, with lots of expression, the flavour palette brings spring and flowering orchards to mind. Immediately after, acacia honey and stewed fruit highlight the extreme sweetness of the very end of the palate. The retro-nasal olfaction brings us back to the exotic character of the palate (banana, mango). The empty glass is then spicy (curry), slightly ashy and smoky (tobacco).

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